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Village Farms finalist in United Fresh New Product Awards competition for two categories

Village Farms LP, headquartered in Heathrow, FL, is a finalist in two categories for this year's United Fresh New Product Awards competition.

"Village Farms is a finalist in the Best New Packaging category for our 'Lip Smackn' grape tomato rinse-and-serve reusable bowl submission," Helen Aquino marketing manager, told The Produce News May 28.500g-grape-bowl "The bowl features a proprietary easy three-step function: fill, rinse and serve."

The bowl comes in a 500-gram size, making it an exceptional addition to the value-added category. The reusable bowl is now available exclusively from Village Farms just in time for outdoor eating activities and it makes a year-round quick-and-easy meal choice staple.

Doug Kling, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Village Farms, noted, "Our rinse-and-serve bowl is a store-to-table meal solution offering an excellent alternative for any family or group eating occasion. The bowl is a proprietary design for Village Farms that features venting only in the lid, thereby making the bowl ideal for not only serving but it also allows the environmentally responsible option of future reuse of the container.

"We worked extensively with our retail partners over the past year in testing this new item to market concept and are pleased with the response we have received thus far," Kling continued. "By all indications this bowl is a distinctive and necessary addition to the category."  

The second item for which Village Farms is a product finalist in the United Fresh New Product Awards competition is associated with the company'smedley-tx-pic Rebellion tomato medley pack. Rebellion is a distinctive and attractive clamshell with five to six different varieties, each with its own unique shape, color, size and flavor characteristics. Colors range from yellow, orange, red and brown, and are appealingly packed in a one-pound clamshell.

Debi Street, director of product development and innovation for Village Farms, said Rebellion is a revolution in flavor with no two packs ever exactly alike.

"Savvy consumers in today's market place seek not only the most flavorful varieties but those that also deliver on exceptional plate appeal," said Street. "The product has to be high quality for sure, meaning it has to look good and above all it has to taste good. Rebellion meets the mark on all accounts, making it a necessary choice for retailers to the evolving tomato category."

Village Farms will be at United Fresh in Chicago in suite 1069, where both the "Lip Smackn" grape rinse-and-serve reusable bowl and the Rebellion tomato medley pack will be featured along with the rest of the company's distinctive product line. The company will feature its clear label concepts and grab-and-go bags again at this year's show.

"Interestingly, many companies have followed suit since Village Farms was first to market the clear label concept with a full launch back in 2011," noted Aquino. "We invite everyone to come to our suite at United Fresh to see for themselves how Village Farms' focus on garden fresh flavor creates the ultimate eating experience you can have among comparable produce varieties. Additionally, visitors will see how meaningful our focus is on how environmentally friendly growing is good for the earth and good for you."