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GloriAnn Farms transitioning to California sweet corn

GloriAnn Farms is gearing up for its much-anticipated California sweet corn season. Over the next few days, the company’s sweet corn supply will begin transitioning to California, just as the Mexico growing regions begin to wind down.

Starting in early April, GloriAnn Farms will begin sourcing sweet corn from its grower in Southern California, with production starting in Imperial Valley and then moving into Coachella Valley. Temperatures have been warmer than normal in the desert, allowing for sweet corn harvest in Imperial Valley to begin March 31, about a week earlier than normal.

The spring crop in both of these growing regions are looking very good, and both GloriAnn Farms and its growers are very pleased with the quality they are seeing in the field. “We’re very excited about this season’s sweet corn crop,” Joe Colace, partner in GloriAnn Farms and sweet corn grower in Imperial Valley, said in a press release.  “The quality of the crop in the field is looking great, and we look forward to a very successful season.”

“Our customers always look forward to the switch to California Sweet Corn in the spring.  There’s just something about farm fresh, delicious sweet corn that gets our customers and consumers excited,” Katie Veenstra, director of marketing for GloriAnn Farms, said in the press release. “Nothing gets you thinking summertime like sweet corn straight from the fields and farms of California’s hardest working farmers.”