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Spudmobile in the works for Wisconsin potato and vegetable growers

The much-anticipated traveling billboard for Wisconsin’s potato and vegetable industry, also known as the Spudmobile, is now well on its way to completion as the growers announce their partnership with two Wisconsin-based companies to finish the interior and exterior elements of the project.

CGS Premier in New Berlin and Cineviz in Green Bay both have extensive experience taking everyday vehicles and turning them into unique promotional tools that are fun and educational for those who go through them.

CGS Premier will design, re-model, fabricate and be responsible for the execution of many creative design elements. Cineviz will create the digital technology, the educational elements and much of the interior design.

“The Spudmobile will have something for everyone,” WPVGA Executive Director Duane Maatz said in a press release. “There will be interactive games for children, cooking tips and recipes for families. We are very confident we have chosen the right companies to accomplish our goals.”

The announcement to work with CGS Premier and Cineviz comes about one month after the WPVGA purchased a 2012 Holiday Rambler Ambassador specifically for the development of the Spudmobile.

After several discussions with the potato and vegetable industry, the two companies say they’re privileged to work with a group so committed to the education of our youth and consumers.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with the Wisconsin potato and vegetable growers on this exciting project,” CGS Premier Director of Business Development Trey Patterson said in a press release. “While we have been building vehicles and displays for the past 20 years, this project is especially exciting for our team as it is helping a Wisconsin association raise awareness about the benefits of buying locally grown potatoes.”

"The opportunity to bring to life the dream of the WPVGA is a real honor," said Scott Koffarnus, Cineviz chief executive officer and creative director. "We look forward to developing an immersive mobile experience for all ages to enjoy and learn about potato agriculture in Wisconsin."

Ultimately, Maatz said this is a forward-thinking set of objectives, looking into the future: “This Special Project is brought to you by farmers who care about their consumers as well as providing for future generations. They’re farmers who plan to continue to produce a safe, wholesome and affordable food supply for families across the country,”

Updates for the Wisconsin Spudmobile will be posted on its Facebook page and new website.