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AYCO hires Chase as VP of sales and marketing

Ayco Farms has hired Dale Chase as executive vice president of sales and marketing with the objective of transforming the company’s current retail dynamic and diversifying retail sales and foodservice programs.

Chase is tasked with leading and directing the sales department in an effort to enhance buyer relations, strengthen category management support and expand business solutions.

DChase1Dale Chase“Ayco has a fantastic, high-quality sales team and is backed by great product offerings,” Chase said in a press release. “We want to energize our sales programs and move our sales team into more specific relationships with our retail partner customers. We’ll focus on being even more responsive to customer needs and developing customized programs. I will be integrally involved in ensuring our retail efforts meet the highest standards.”

Chase was formerly vice president of national sales with Pero Family Farms in Delray Beach, FL. Previously, he worked as national sales manager for retail with Green Line Foods, where he played a key role in bringing that brand to market and growing its sales. He also worked at Freshway Foods in product development and sales.

Chase is Ayco’s first executive vice president and his past experience is counted as invaluable to Ayco’s future designs.

“Dale’s leadership and vision are a great complement to Ayco,” Ayco President Avi Nir said in the release. “He has an impeccable track record in putting together successful retail-oriented and value-added projects. We are enthusiastic about him taking control of our sales and marketing and know it will benefit Ayco and our customers.”

Chase will also lead the company into new ventures in value-added and packaged goods. “Ayco provides the perfect platform for launching unique future programs,” Chase said.  “I have an opportunity to help an innovative grower-based company into value-added packaged concepts for retail. I’m very excited about the potential we have to extend the Ayco brand beyond the current product mix we already have. We look forward to working with retail partners to create new solutions to keep them selling!”