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MCL Fresh changes name to 4EARTH FARMS

MCL Fresh Inc. has a fresh new brand presence, including a new company name: 4EARTH FARMS.4EARTH Farms Logo

“4EARTH FARMS is much more than a new name,” David Lake, the company’s chief executive officer and co-founder, said in a press release. “It’s a rich representation of everything we stand for across our entire supply chain. We’re pleased to have a name that reflects our deep commitment to the earth, our growers, our produce, and above all, our customers.”

With the 4EARTH FARMS rebranding in place, trusted labels "MCL Fresh," "RealSun," "4-Earth," and "Real Organics" will now be part of one unified brand. All conventional products will carry the "4EARTH" label, while organic products will be labeled "4EARTH ORGANICS."

“As our company has grown, and as we’ve added more SKUs to both our conventional and organic product lines, we realized we were managing, and marketing, four different sub-brands," Mark Munger, 4EARTH FARMS’ vice president of sales & marketing, said in the press release. "Because we’re still growing and adding new products, we felt it was time to simplify and freshen our brand presence.

“We wanted to develop a brand that more clearly links our company to our farming programs — a brand that’s a reflection of the fresh and wholesome products we bring to market daily,” continued Munger.

4EARTH FARMS’ clean and simple practices can be found at every point in its supply chain. But it all starts with the farm.

"We work tirelessly to employ new and existing farming techniques to limit pesticide and herbicide usage," Munger said. "We grow both organically and conventionally, and employ many of our organic farming practices on our conventional farms as a way of reducing our non-organic-farming inputs. Our best-practices include the use of drip irrigation technology to conserve water usage and minimize soil erosion; low-input sustainable farming; and the use of predatory insects and soft pesticides, which target harmful pests but don’t hurt beneficial insect populations.”

4EARTH FARMS’ in-field commitments are mirrored in its value-added packing capabilities and state-of-the-art flagship facility. Situated on eight acres adjacent to downtown Los Angeles, the company headquarters is mindfully xeriscaped on the outside, while inside, cutting-edge cooling towers save more than 15,000 gallons of water per day. At the dock, all loading doors are sealed to minimize loss of cooling, while in the packing room, many trays, clamshells, overwraps and bag films are made from recycled and all-natural products. Simultaneously, office and warehouse recycling programs regularly put various materials back into the community resource stream.

Munger summed it up this way: “4EARTH is the new name for our produce. 4EARTH FARMS is the new name for our company. Because ‘For Earth’ is everything we do.”