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Awe Sum Organics granted a Green Business Certification Award

ASO Rbud cmykAwe Sum Organics, already passionate is about its produce, has taken its love of the planet beyond organic fruit and deeper into its operations. With a recent move into its remodeled downtown Santa Cruz, CA, offices, Awe Sum Organics has been granted a Green Business Certification Award.ASO Rbud cmyk 1985

Last April, Awe Sum Organics began take efforts to become one of the greenest offices in California. Some of the features of the new building include LED Lighting, hi-tech energy management systems for HVAC, big open skylights with lots of natural lighting, all Energy Star-certified office equipment, occupancy sensors for infrequently used areas, dual-flush low-flow toilets and aerators, DIRTT walls that divert construction materials from landfills and are easily reconfigurable, carpet tiles that are 100-percent recyclable, Breathe Walls that produce rich fresh oxygen.

Since October, Awe Sum Organics has worked with Santa Cruz County to meet a number of requirements addressing issues such as pollution prevention, waste reduction, water conservation and energy management. The company has successfully implemented an in-depth waste program that includes office composting, e-waste recycling, purchasing post-consumer recycled (content) office supplies, and programs encouraging employees to reduce waste by bringing reusable containers for coffee and take out lunches.

Awe Sum Organics is currently working with Commute Solutions to develop a commuter program specifically designed to lower its carbon footprint by providing targeted solutions for their employees. The company believes deeply in socially responsible business practices and has big plans for the future as they continue to redefine what it means to be a green business.