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Holiday, Game Day promotions drive sales velocity for Avocados From Mexico

A holiday promotion from Avocados From Mexico, which started in November and runs through Jan. 3, is going exceptionally well and there has been much interest in the organization's next major promotion, which starts late December and runs through February, Maggie Bezart Hall, vice president of trade and marketing, told The Produce News Dec.. 20.

AFM-Ultimate-Game-Day-promoAvocados From Mexico is a partnership between the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association and the Avocado Producers & Exporting Packers Association of Michoacàn (more commonly known by the acronyms MHAIA and APEAM).

The two promotions are part of an ambitious marketing campaign for the 2013-14 season consisting of a series of promotions tied to seasonal events or activities.

The first of these was an Avocados All-Stars promotion, which started in late September and continued through late October, coinciding with the Major League Baseball post-season playoff period.

The holiday promotion has two components: a Spanish-language component called "Feliz Navidad," and a general market component called "Perfect for a Holiday Gathering."

According to Hall, "when we first started on the road of this promotion it was to focus just on the Hispanic stores, but we had such broad interest that we had to take it to the general market also."

The promotion ties in with Modelo beer and is designed to and increase avocado velocity with coupons, she said.

However, by law the Modelo tie-in is not permitted in all locations.

"When you tie in with any kind of alcohol there are different regulations cross the country, so we had to come up with different kinds of coupon versions to be able to meet the needs of all the states across the country," she said.

Therefore, some coupons offer a mail-in rebate of $5 with the purchase of 12-pack or larger of Modelo and the purchase of three avocados from Mexico, and others offer a $2 savings instantly with the purchase of any pork product and three Mexican avocados.

"Our highest interest has been in the one with pork," Hall said. "For that reason, we decided to do a sandwich recipe to go on our signage, that was created by [Chef] Rick Bayless."

Because of the high interest in the pork offer, for next year "we are going to look ... to increase that promotion and look at other partners that we can work through that promotion. Pork is a very important part of the holidays for the Hispanics. They use it in a lot of dishes," she said.

For the promotion, "we created new signage which is really fun," she said. It is 3-D signage that features Modelo and Avocados From Mexico, and the coupon pad.

"We have retail display contest running across the country where for every photo that is submitted they receive a $25 Avocados From Mexico visa gift card," Hall said. "Also, each retailer is setting their own contest based on their own parameters" with cash prizes for the winners.

Following the holiday promotion and carrying through February is the "Ultimate Game Day" promotion, which is "one of our major promotions of the year," Hall said. The program is a partnership with Mission Foods tortillas and tortilla chips and Cholula hot sauce.

"We have a very large television [advertising] program that is not only going to be on network but cable," with coverage on NBC, ABC, Bravo, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel and NFL Network," she said. "The promotion starts Dec. 30 to capture the game day fever [for] the college bowl games, leading into the NFL playoffs" and then the Super Bowl.

The promotion is a fully integrated program, she said. "In print we have a four-color full-page ad in People magazine, Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated. It will also include digital advertising, as well as video ads that will be running in the major social media networks."

The promotion will feature over 30 retail display contests with various retailers as well as sweepstakes for consumers "where we will be giving away four $5,000 grocery gift cards," she said.

In all, more than $95,000 in retail promotion money being offered during the "Ultimate Game Day" promotion in addition to $20,000 for the consumer sweepstakes.

More than 2.5 million coupons being distributed nationally for consumers to buy three avocados from Mexico and one bottle of Cholula hot sauce and get one package of Mission chips or tortillas free between Dec. 30 and Feb 28.

In addition to those major promotions, "we have retail-specific programming running throughout every month," Hall said.