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Mann Packing launches seasonal party trays for the holidays

Mann Packing Co. is launching seasonal fresh vegetable trays to meet consumer demand for convenient entertaining products during the holidays and on through Super Bowl Sunday. These festive trays create occasion-based merchandising opportunities in the produce department and should generate impulse buys and incremental sales.Manns Winter Tray 40 US 201

“The festive trays feature new eye-catching winter wonderland graphics, which are ideal for seasonal entertaining and holiday events and occasions,” Kim St. George, director of marketing and innovation, said in a press release.  “The unique graphics help the trays stand out. We’ve gained new distribution with customers who are carrying them as an ‘in and out’ items and to differentiate from their everyday trays. Retailers like the eye appeal of the seasonal element, noting the graphics generate interest and draw attention to the category and positively affect consumer purchase.”

Mann redesigned its party trays in 2012 and eliminated the familiar black “lids” of the old trays.  The lack of lid, along with the most recent holiday design, creates a bigger viewing window for the new tray’s contents.

Available in two sizes, the 18-ounce and 40-ounce trays are shipping to retail customers in the United States and Canada; suggested retail prices are $5.99-$6.99 and $10.99-$11.99. Unlike many competitor trays, all Mann’s veggie trays feature micro-perforation (“micro-perf”) technology, which means each tray cell is individually sealed with a customized perforated pattern. This allows each vegetable item in the tray to breathe at its own respiration rate, extending freshness and reducing shrink.