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Grower Direct Marketing kicks off the Chilean blueberry deal

Grower Direct Marketing LLC. is distributing fresh Chilean blueberries to retailers throughout the United States. The 2013-14 blueberry deal began this October with the first shipments of blueberries from Chile being distributed by Grower Direct.

Rama 4 1"We are now seeing solid distribution and good volume that is expected to stay consistent through February," the company said in a press release.

Ron Morway of Grower Direct spent several weeks visiting the company's grower-partners in Chile, working with them to plan this season’s retail projections.

“I am very happy with the volume and quality that Grower Direct has been able to secure for this season,” Morway said. “We will be increasing our volume for the fifth consecutive year and planning more retail promotions than ever.”

"The Chilean blueberry industry currently has 15,596 hectares of blueberries planted throughout the country, only half of which is now fully mature, and estimates a 42 percent increase in production and exports over the next five years," said Andrés Armstrong, the Chilean Blueberry Committee's executive manager. "Total exports of fresh blueberries are expected to reach 123,000 tons by 2017-18."

In addition to importing fresh blueberries, Grower Direct also distributes fresh Cherries from Chile. "This year will be a little more challenging as many of the areas were hurt in a series of freeze events," the company stated. "Through diligent effort by our Chilean team, we have been able to secure promotable volume for our retail partners."

Grower Direct Marketing LLC., markets fresh cherries, blueberries, walnuts, and apricots and asparagus from California, the Northwest and Chile and Mexico.