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Baloian Farms introduces new squash product

Baloian Farms recently introduced a value-added new product in the fresh veg category featuring yellow and green squash with a seasoning packet included. The new product is expected to drive a higher margin and new sales in the vegetable category year-round.

bal2Each individually wrapped tray will include three fresh whole squash  a mix of yellow and green  and a seasoning blend packet that was created specifically for this item. The consumer will have the option to choose between either Parmesan & Herb, and Garlic & Red Pepper flavors, which are contained inside the wrapped tray along with the squash. The emphasis of this new product will be the simplicity and convenience of preparation for the consumer.

“Consumers will get to enjoy the benefit of fresh squash, along with great flavor options that are convenient and easy to prepare — making this product the perfect complement to any home-cooked meal, any time of the year,” Jeremy Lane, sales director for Baloian Farms, said in a press release.

When developing this product, Baloian relied on research and focus group results to ensure a spot-on delivery of the item that consumers will love for both its taste and ease. When purchasing squash, research has found that the average consumer generally purchases two to three pieces and a mix of both yellow and green at a given time.

The seasoning blends and cooking style were created to provide flexibility when preparing by reducing prep time and eliminating the guesswork for making a fresh and delicious dish. Feedback received from multiple focus groups showed an overwhelming number who enjoyed both flavors themselves, and remarked that their children would also like the taste and texture, and they would be likely to purchase when available in stores.

Lane also said that when the consumer is preparing the product, they simply rinse and slice the squash, toss with oil and add the seasoning packet, and sauté over heat for five minutes. “It’s pantry to plate in just over five minutes, and the only additional ingredient is olive oil. It’s just so easy and so good,” he said.

Consumers will also have the added benefit of this product being available for purchase year-round, compared to other fresh produce products that are only available seasonally. Baloian Farms is also planning to offer additional seasonal flavors.

The product is available in an eight-count case and product is expected to retail for about $3.99.