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Allegiance to open six new Foodtown locations

Allegiance Retail Services LLC will be opening six new Foodtown locations, bringing the total number of Allegiance stores up to 84. The six new units will be operated by the Ferreira and Mujalli families.

“Having the Ferreira family and Mujalli family — both long-term operators in the New York City marketplace — join Allegiance is truly exciting," Michael Stolarz, president and chief operating officer of Allegiance Retail Services LLC, said in a press release. "We are proud that two well-known and successful operators have recognized the professional services Allegiance provides to assist them to grow their business.”

“It is wonderful to welcome six new Foodtowns to the Allegiance Co-op and continue our growth of high-quality operators in New York," David Maniaci, chairman and chief executive officer of Allegiance Retail Services LLC, said in the release. "We are honored by the confidence that the Ferreira and Mujalli families have in the expertise of the Allegiance team, and we look forward to their success.”

The Ferreira family is converting its five stores to the Foodtown banner, all of which are in New York. They have a reputation for excellent customer service and strong emphasis on perishable products

“We are excited to convert all of our stores to the well-known and trusted Foodtown banner," Jason Ferreira said in the press release. "By joining Allegiance, we are better positioned to provide a more competitively priced store and an overall better shopping experience to our customers.”

The Mujalli family will open a newly constructed supermarket to meet the needs of the growing and diverse population in Astoria, Queens, NY.

"The strong merchandising and marketing programs Foodtown offers will allow us to meet the diverse needs of this vibrant community, and I look forward to servicing this neighborhood with a premium supermarket for many years to come,” Moe Mujalli said in the release.

Allegiance Retail Services, LLC supports independents for retail success by providing members with marketing, advertising, technological and merchandising support, as well as a full line of Foodtown private label products. More information is available at