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CMI introduces sweet gourmet pears

CMI, a leading Washington state grower-shipper of premium quality conventional and organic apples, pears and cherries, is rolling out its new Sweet Gourmet Pear program.

pearsAs one of the first pear pouches in the industry, CMI created a new two-box shipping display to maximize cross-merchandising opportunities. The pear pouch lineup includes two-pound pouch bags for D'Anjou, Red Pear, Bartlett and Bosc varieties. Each pouch bag showcases a fresh recipe that is centered on each variety, and when offered as a program is expected to increase sales within the category.

Putting pears into a pouch bag is a first for CMI. The high-impact graphics, centered on easy-to-make gourmet dishes, will entice consumers to try pear varieties they never have before and possibly increase sales and repeat purchases.

"A lot of planning went into designing this into a two-pound pouch over a one- or a two-pound bag," Bob Mast, president of CMI, said in a press release. "Ultimately we wanted to increase the average weight of each pear transaction."

The Sweet Gourmet Pear pouch will be more than a pretty bag in the produce section, according to CMI. When consumers were polled on their pear consumption, they repeatedly referred to the challenge of knowing when a pear was ripe to eat. As a result, each pear pouch will come with tips on how to know when each variety is at its peak of flavor and is perfectly ripe.

CMI will roll out with the Bartlett variety bag and other varieties will soon follow.