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Martori Farms shipping Kandy Lemondrop melon for summer

Martori Farms, an Arizona-based grower and shipper of premium cantaloupes and honeydews, has a new offering for the summer: the Kandy Lemondrop melon.

The Lemondrop is extra sweet with a flavor profile similar to a Galia, but with a refreshing tart lemon finish that comes from the melon's naturally occurring citrus acid.

With its distinct exterior appearance, high Brix level and one-of-a-kind flavor profile, the Kandy Lemondrop melon is a unique addition to any produce department.

Since its founding more than 100 years ago, family-owned Martori Farms has developed several proprietary seed varieties that produce commodity-leading fruit characteristics.

Additionally, farming 9,000 acres of melons on 25,000 acres of land allows Martori Farms to employ ideal crop rotation to maximize soil health and productivity, contributing to higher Brix and melon quality.

Located in Aguila, AZ, the desert climate provides perfect conditions to keep flavor and quality consistent: warm, dry days and cool, mild nights.

"During a limited release last summer, we saw a homegrown buzz from food bloggers and positive customer reactions," Steve Martori, managing member of Martori Farms, said in a press release. "This summer we are anticipating an increase in demand and look forward to an even larger social online response."

Martori Farms is committed to achieving the highest standards of food safety, according to the press release. All melons are individually labeled with PLU, country-of-origin and product description.