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New York Apple growers coming back stronger than ever in 2013

“We have had a rough year because of the weather-related damage to our 2012 apple crop in New York,” Jim Allen, president of the New York Apple Association, headquartered in Fishers, NY, told The Produce News. “But we are coming back strong this year. And we plan to be very aggressive in our markets this year. We are already working on regaining those markets that we were displaced in because we did not have normal volumes last year, and we are going to get them back.”

New York State apple growers faced a challenging 2012, but thousands of new trees planted in all of its growing regions will help them to deliver greater harvest yields in 2013.

Picture-1New York state apple growers faced a challenging 2012, but thousands of new trees planted in all of its growing regions will help them to deliver greater harvest yields in 2013.“New York growers now have over 25 percent more trees in the ground than just a few years ago,” said Mr. Allen. “We are expanding our ability to grow favorite varieties and to follow the trend toward new apple choices. We have invested significantly by enlarging our storage capacity, adding greater processing capabilities and installing advanced packing equipment.”

Many packing facilities in New York now boast far greater capacity than they had in the past, and so everyone feels sure that they are ready to handle the 2013 apple crop with ease.

The New York Apple Association and its grower-members have strengthened their “fresher-faster” commitment to customers even more than in the past. Mr. Allen said that because two-thirds of the U.S. population lives within 500 miles of New York state, its apple shipments arrive quicker while saving on energy costs and providing more delicious and delightful apples to customers.

The NYAA provides customers and consumers a wide range of ways to learn more about the state’s apples and its growers. In addition to an interactive Facebook page, numerous YouTube videos are available that share an abundance of information. Its social media activity also includes a free app on iTunes, and its website is available in both English and in Spanish. A newly created and published “New York State Apples to Apples Guide” is available on request and free of charge. For health and nutritional information on New York apples, visit

Mr. Allen, New York apple growers and other representatives will be at booth number 247 at the 14th annual 2013 NEPC Produce and Floral Expo, on Wednesday, April 3, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston.

“There are literally ‘millions’ of apple branches near our customers,” said Mr. Allen. “New York’s apple growers are turning the challenges of 2012 into the strength of 2013. That’s because ‘We are New York,’ and that means that we are strong and committed to the success of our customers as we are to our own. We are a determined, resourceful group, and today we’re innovating, investing and planting the seeds for a landmark 2013 crop. We’re growing stronger together to better serve you and your consumers.”