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Grimmway emphasizes healthy eating with the help of ‘The Biggest Loser’

Grimmway Farms, one of the world’s larger carrot producers and shippers, continues to expand its connection with the popular “The Biggest Loser” television show as a way to increase awareness for its own brand and to stress its healthy eating emphasis.

Vice President of Marketing Bob Borda recently told The Produce News that the connection, which began last fall with new packaging featuring ‘The Biggest Loser’ brand, is in full swing currently with a social media promotion. Through its Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as its own website, Grimmway is running a contest that will award three lucky winners all-expense paid trips for two to one of the Biggest Loser Resorts which are spread out across the country. More than 8,000 entries have been received and more are coming in every day. The first trip was awarded in February with the two others scheduled for this August and January of 2014.

“This has been a great promotion for us,” said Mr. Borda. “We are measuring its success by the large number of hits we are getting on our social media sites and the traffic it is driving to our website.”

grimmway carrotsGrimmway is helping to increase traffic to those sites by featuring weight loss success stories on its consumer website ( Mr. Borda said the connection to The Biggest Loser has helped Grimmway interact with thousands of fans, gained millions of online impressions and continue to spread the healthy lifestyle message. The company’s website is loaded with great tasting recipes featuring carrots and other fruits and vegetables.

In January, Grimmway received a tangible benefit from its association with the television show with a product placement on one of the shows. The product placement featured Grimmway Farms carrots, along with some other fresh fruits and vegetables, being handed out as part of the reward for one of the teams winning a challenge.

In a recent press release, Grimmway announced that it was further strengthening its connection to The Biggest Loser by holding its own in-house weight losing contest. “We are so excited by our relationship with NBC and The Biggest Loser,” Mr. Borda said. “There’s nothing better than bringing a brand alive with interactive promotions and fan engagement, especially when it includes helping them make healthier lifestyle choices. We’re pleased to involve our employees in this effort by initiating an internal challenge and promoting the use of our gym. We believe in fostering an environment that supports the health of our staff.”

The company’s marketing executive said the firm is also about to launch a new website which will have additional recipes, videos about producing carrots and the wellness section where the success stories will also be posted.

Grimmway Farms offers “The Biggest Loser” brand in both private label and the Grimmway brand and works with retailers to customize a program that meets their individual needs.  

Mr. Borda said the company continues to innovate within the carrot category with new packaging options. Last fall, it introduced a new microwavable pack featuring petite carrots and it will soon introduce an organic counterpart. He said other new packs, including efforts to build on the Simply Delicious product line introduced last fall, are forthcoming.

What all of these newer products have in common is that they are in the value-added category. Mr. Borda said the value-added sector is the growth arena for carrots and it is the area where Grimmway Farms is concentrating its efforts.