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Veggies Inc. moves into new, larger warehouse and office facility with better location

“We finally moved into our new facility,” said Marco Barreda, vice president of Veggies Inc. in Nogales, AZ, in an interview with The Produce News.

The new facility is 25,000 square feet in size, with a fully refrigerated warehouse and “a tremendous amount of office space compared to before.” The facility is about double the size of the company’s previous warehouse and offices, Mr. Barreda said. It is Primus-certified and includes “a special room where we have everything set up for our repack line.”

The new facility has a refrigerated dock with 13 doors for trucks to load and unload, so that the cold chain is not broken in the process. “The product doesn’t have to go through an outside dock,” Mr. Barreda said.

01NogalesVegggiesIncMarcoBaMarco BarredaThe location of the new facility, as well as the additional space, is beneficial, he said. Located at the south end of the Rio Rico Industrial Park, it is in close proximity to the heaviest concentration of produce warehouses in the Nogales area. It is in a spot that is easy for trucks to find and easy for them to get in and out, he said.

Along with the facility expansion has come a staff expansion. “We have added four new employees with our new facility in addition to the ones that we already had,” Mr. Barreda said. “That helps us promote our in-and-out business, and we are right now at full capacity.” But “the most important thing for us is … to be able to add new people, to be able to help with the unemployment in Nogales.” The new employees are mostly in operations, “on the floor and in dispatch and on our repack lines.”

In other news, Veggies Inc. will be opening an office and consolidation facility in McAllen, TX, “to improve service to our customers” who load out of that area. With that addition, “we will be able to do quality control inspections and consolidations in order to service everybody year-round from both places.”

Veggies Inc. also has quality-control people in California year round, looking at product for customers “from the northern part” of the state “all the way down to San Diego and Otay Mesa,” he said.