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Unique Cold Storage’s full line of services benefits shippers and receivers alike

“We offer a unique niche,” Brian Osborne, general manager of Unique Cold Storage in Pompano Beach, FL, told The Produce News. “We are uniquely qualified to handle offshore products in our facility, which can efficiently accommodate a variety of fresh produce items, each in their ideal temperature and humidity to ensure maximum shelf life and quality.”

Unique Cold Storage’s facility has multiple temperature-humidity zones, forced-air cooling, hydro-cooling and computerized ripening rooms for quality assured temperature control. It is proficient in handling fresh produce from all growing regions that export to the United States.

“We also offer a full line of services to our customers,” said Mr. Osborne. “They include receiving, inspection, warehousing, consolidation and distribution. We can also arrange for transportation, brokerage clearance and forward shipping.”

Unique Cold Storage will pick up product from the port or airport, transport it to its facility, provide inspection reports and inventories, repack and redistribute the product. The company also offers warehousing services.

“We provide full logistics services,” said Mr. Osborn. “Our warehouse expansion, completed last year, brings us to 100,000 square feet. It enhances the services that we can provide for our customers, regardless of which fresh fruit or vegetable item it is. The expanded facility benefits us from a customer standpoint, and other grower-shippers are quickly becoming aware of the services that we perform for our customers, our growers, shippers, importers and our exporters throughout the United States, South American and Canada.”

All staging areas and loading docks of the facility are refrigerated and new energy-efficient lighting has been installed. It also offers expanded office and meeting areas to accommodate its customers.

“The expansion enables Unique Cold Storage to handle imports quicker and more efficiently, and receive and ship more expediently with an additional four dock doors,” said Mr. Osborn. “We now have an enhanced capacity to cool product more efficiently, and each product is stored in its ideal environment.”

He added that the expansion also gives the company increased processing capacity and computerized ripening rooms, all with full quality assurance oversight.