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T.M. Kovacevich Philadelphia now partnered with Manfredi Logistics

T.M. Kovacevich Philadelphia, commonly called TMK, located at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, recently announced that the company is expanding its distribution. Tommy Kovacevich, general manager of the company, said it has partnered with Manfredi Logistics Service in Kennett Square, PA, to bring its products and services to a larger footprint.

“Philadelphia is a true produce distribution hub for the three major piers for all import items,” 2011newcam-145The T.M. Kovacevich Philadelphia fleet, ready to roll at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market.said Mr. Kovacevich. “Logistically we are in a perfect position to handle the large volumes of Vineland, New Jersey, produce, and Kennett Square is the mushroom capital of the world. This is not to mention the huge volumes of peaches and apples produced in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“By utilizing Manfredi’s extensive range of daily delivery routes, TMK will now be able to offer very competitive delivered prices for hand-selected pallets of the freshest in fruits and vegetables typically shipped from this region,” he continued. “We have retailers asking us to ‘be their eyes’ in these categories, and that’s what we do best.”

He added that anyone who is interested in the company’s services is encouraged to call or email him directly.

Mr. Kovacevich worked at the PWPM booth at the 2011 New York Produce Show. He said that the response was so strong that this year companies on the market decided to ramp up its participation.

“This year the PWPM has 10 companies sharing five booths adjacent to each other and with uniform signage,” he said. “Our booths should really stand out nicely.”

Mr. Kovacevich will represent his company and the PWPM at booth No. 370.

He added that he cannot think of better timing for the show to be held.

“One week later would be too late,” he noted. “It’s a perfect time for the show.”

TMK was recently was awarded the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Good Agricultural Practices and Good Handling Practices certification for its operations at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market.

Mr. Kovacevich will no doubt be talking up the new “Cotton Candy” grape that was launched for the first time this past summer at the New York show. The company is the exclusive distributor of the item in Philadelphia. It distributes the grapes to New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

“The seedless ‘Cotton Candy’ grape variety was developed by International Fruit Genetics, one of the world’s largest fruit-breeding operations, headquartered in Bakersfield, California,” said Mr. Kovacevich. “Jack Pandol is an owner of International Fruit Genetics, and he owns a marketing company called The Grapery that markets the proprietary ‘Cotton Candy’ variety as well as other unique well flavored varieties.”

And “Yes,” he pointed out, “the grape tastes exactly like cotton candy, which is the only way to truly describe the incredible flavor. Think deep-flavored, toffee-caramel, super-sweet but yet complex.”

The 2012 production of the “Cotton Candy” was only from three rows of vines, which tallied less than an acre, and supplies were gone in two weeks.

“Next year there will be 100 acres yielding fruit,” he said. “There will be a hundredfold increase in supply for next year, and the run time should be a month or longer.”

It took 10 years to breed the “Cotton Candy” grape, which began as a variety of the Lambrusco strain and was honed for flavor as well as its seedless attribute, crisp texture and thin skin.

TMK is one of the larger tenants at the PWPM, occupying units A-1 through A-6.

“We are a full-line distributor, and we carry virtually every fruit and vegetable available,” said Mr. Kovacevich. “For many years, our forte was premium fruits, but the new PWPM building has given us an opportunity to expand considerably. We also support and participate in locally grown programs, and we handle organics.”