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Dulcich & Sons’ Harvest Hobgoblin promotion to run September-October

Coinciding with the peak production periods of September and October, Jacov P. Dulcich & Sons in Delano, CA, will again be offering retailers a special table grape promotion for the fall season, with a specially designed label and a specific tie-in to Halloween.

Called Harvest Hobgoblin, the promotion is designed to make fresh grapes fun and exciting for the fall season. It will ship this year beginning on Labor Day, Sept. 3, and continue through most of October, according to Nick Dulcich, a partner in J.P. Dulcich & Sons and president of Sunlight International Sales Inc., the009-FallFruit-Dulcich-Dangl company’s sales arm.

“Basically every green, red and black variety we have” will be packed in the “Harvest Hobgoblin” label during the promotional period, he said. “We are going to go with Thompsons, Princess and Autumn King” in the green seedless category. In the red seedless category, it will be mostly Scarlet Royal, but “we’ll also do Crimson and Magenta, and we’ll probably do vintage as well, so I have a little bit of everything in the red,” he said. “In the blacks, we probably can only do Autumn Royal,” as it will likely be the only black seedless variety the company has available at the time.

“We like to push all three colors” for the Hobgoblin promotion, Mr. Dulcich said, The array of varieties also gives consumers assorted flavors.

Grapes for the “Harvest Hobgoblin” program will be available in special high-graphic stand-up bags with the “Harvest Hobgoblin” label. Also offered to retailers will be a “Harvest Hobgoblin The “whimsical design” of these merchandising materials “is sure to get some devilishly happy looks from customers searching for a healthy alternative to candy this October,” according to company literature promoting the promotion.

The bin features the colorful label artwork along with some Halloween motifs against a black background, and the words “Sweet. Flavorful. Crispy.” It carries the motto “No trick, all treat!”

Promotional materials present the health message of grapes in a fun way, with the wording, “Low calorie, healthy snack. Rich in Antioxidants. Scares off heart disease.”

“The ‘Hobgoblin’ not only works with Halloween, it works with fall themes,” Mr. Dulcich said. September and October are “a really good time to promote the fall themes.”

The company will stop shipping “Hobgoblin” around Oct. 24 to give customers time to “clear out their inventory” so “they don’t have a lot left over after Halloween,” he said.

Immediately following Halloween, “we move into our Christmas program,” with a similar array of retail support materials. In that promotion, the company will ship mainly Autumn King, Luisco, Crimson, Vintage and Autumn Royal as well as Red Globe, he said.

Dulcich has “a nice crop of Autumn Kings” coming on this year, Mr. Dulcich said. “They are very clean and look very nice. they have great size.” The Autumn Kings had problems last year, due to weather issues, “and the volumes were down.” This year, he expects to have double last year’s volume, with about 600,000 cases just of that one variety.

Also for this fall, “I have a new Vintage crop coming in,” as a recently planted 100-acre Vintage vineyard comes into production, he said.