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Royal Star and Sun Crest papayas receives GFS certification

Tex Starr Distributing LLC, grower-shippers of the super sweet papaya variety Royal Star and traditional variety, Sun Crest Maradol papaya, received GFS certification for its farms and packingsheds in Mexico. The company has completed all of the necessary requirements for the GFS-certification program.

All Royal Star and Sun Crest Maradol papayas are grown on certified orchards in Colima, Mexico, and brought into the United States through its facility in Alamo, TX. "Food safety has always been our highest priority when growing and shipping our products,” LanceRoyal-Star-HalvesTex Starr Distributing's Royal Star papaya. Peterson, co-owner of Tex Starr Distributing LLC, said in a press release. “Since we planted our first seeds, we have always done everything possible to focus on and treat this part of our business as the foundation for everything we do here."

Ever since the papaya import alert was issued in October 2011, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has asked more from all of the papaya growers in Mexico. At the time of the original alert, the company was already certified at the farm and packingshed levels by the government managed agriculture organization, SENASICA. Now in addition to SENASICA, Tex Star has earned its GFS certification for the fields and packingsheds where its products are grown, harvested and packed.

These two programs overlap to help eliminate potential areas of concern. "With food-safety programs like this in place, it really makes our sales team’s job that much easier," Ryan Wolverton, sales manager for Tex Starr Distributing, said in the release. "When we can protect the products we grow with programs like GFS and SENASICA, it will always give our customers the confidence to know that they are buying a truly safe product."

Royal Star papayas are available in retail grocery stores in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington. Royal Star papayas are also sold and available in retail grocery stores throughout Canada. They can be identified by a bright orange and green “Royal Star Papaya” brand label. Royal Star papaya is a proprietary seed variety boasting a star-shaped interior, super sweet flavor and appealing aroma.

Tex Starr Distributing LLC is based in Alamo, Texas and is the Exclusive Distributor of the Royal Star and Sun Crest papayas. Tex Starr Distributing LLC also grows and distributes, honeydew melons and watermelon fresh from the company's farms and orchards in Mexico.