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Chelan Fresh uses new fruit stickers

Thanks to a new databar technology, consumers will be able to view a grower video on 16 different apples supplied by Chelan Fresh by scanning the sticker on the apple. The video connects the consumer, regardless of geography, directly to the apple orchards of Chelan, WA.  

The technology, known as greenscans, was developed to allow companies to use existing product databars as prime real estate. Consumers can now download a free app to their smartphone ( and begin scanning any product with a databar to learn about the product and company, according to a company press release.

Information on the smartphone screen could be a direct link to the company and/or social media sites, recipes, product education, cross-promotions. The long-range applications of greenscans will include data mining and a consumer alert should there be a product recall.

With more than 50 percent of U.S. adults using their mobile phones when shopping in retail stores, the introduction of the greenscans mobile platform to consumers and retailers has been well received. Retailers can download collateral to place at the point of sale, on their web site and in print when the product is on ad.

Chelan Fresh wanted to create a connection with the customer, whether they were in their backyard or purchasing the product on the East Coast, according to Mac Riggan, vice president of marketing, who added that the grower videos, give a real “crunch” factor to the products.

“We recognized that this technology is a growing trend and can use it as part of our marketing campaign to engage with consumers and have them connect to our social media sites,” he said in a press release.  

This is the first technology of this kind for databars with long-reaching effects on not only the produce industry but all dry goods, th press release said. Commodities that have a generic program in place from their board or commission can connect to that message on all their bulk items as well as to links to each grower, with the opportunity to add their content.

Companies partnering with nonperishable commodities will be able to have that information on their databars as well as on the partnering product.

Finally, stickers on complex produce items, such as mangos, can be used to educate the consumer about how to cut the fruit, ripen it and use it.