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Consumer research shows Canadians love SweeTango

A study found that Canadians who have tasted the SweeTango apple rated it as their No. 1 apple. The national online study, conducted in November 2014 during the Canadian apple season, asked Canadians to share their knowledge and experience with 16 different apple varieties, as well as their usage and preferences about apples in general. sweetango

Other findings included that Canadians love apples, with 99 percent of respondents reporting that they eat apples and 80 percent eat them daily or several times a week. Additionally, 72 percent eat apples fresh as a snack. Of respondents who have children at home, almost half say they buy different apples for their kids as for themselves, generally spending more per pound on their own apples.

According to 94 percent of respondents, a crisp bite is the most important attribute when selecting an apple, followed by being very juicy and sweetness. Sweet apples were preferred over sweet-tart and tart apples.

Furthermore, in taste tests held during the 2014 fall season, respondents were asked to rate SweeTango samples and scored it a 9 out of 10 overall. The most common non-prompted words used to describe SweeTango’s were, “crispy and juicy.”

Grown in Nova Scotia and Quebec, the Canadian SweeTango season begins late September and runs through December — or until supplies last. A natural cross between the Honeycrisp and Zestar! varieties, SweeTango apples have a unique flavor.

Scotian Gold will be actively promoting SweeTango apples for the 2015 Canadian campaign with television, online video advertising, collaborations with Canadian food bloggers and attendance at high profile consumer events.