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Brooks Tropicals anticipates a great Florida tropicals season

Founded in the 1920s, Brooks Tropicals, headquartered in Homestead, FL, has solidly invested in research and development throughout its history in its goal of maintaining the company’s solid reputation for quality tropical fruits and vegetables.

This practice has proven essential in its ability to produce several revolutionary achievements over the past 30 years that help bring tropical produce to the market in top condition for the enjoyment of the North American consumer.

On March 24, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Brooks Tropicals, Bill Brindle, said that the company’s trademarked ”SlimCado” season was winding down.

“But the trees are gearing up for the season that starts in June,” he explained. “The trees’ flowers are abundant, indicating a great crop coming up. I’m very optimistic for the upcoming season.”

slimcadosdisplayBrooks Tropicals’ ‘SlimCado’ display. (Photo courtesy of Brooks Tropicals)Mary Ostlund is the director of marketing for the company. She said that starfruit has enjoyed a great year.

“The season is now winding down,” she told The Produce News on March 24. “But it will come back in June. Right now we’re in the lull before the ‘storm period,’ meaning that late spring and summer crops are gearing up strongly to be picked. The appearance of the trees and the fields is indicating that we’ll have a great upcoming season.”

Ostlund added that Guava has been trending upward.

“It’s gone way beyond being used only for making marmalade today,” she noted. “People are simply taking big bites out of this tasty and fragrant fruit.

“My own and many other’s personal favorites — passionfruit, mamey [sapote] and dragonfruit — are all looking promising for the summer months,” Ostlund added.

Brooks Tropicals is currently promoting and shipping coconuts. Ostlund said that the item is not easy to open, but it’s worth the effort of doing so.

“Consumers love the freshness of coconuts,” she said. “It’s a perfect choice for spring.”

The company markets its avocados through an innovative concept. While the most common avocado consumed in the United States is the Hass avocado, Brooks Tropicals grows and packs a range of avocado varieties under its trademarked name “SlimCado,” which share a common characteristic — they have up to one-half of the fat and one-third fewer calories than the leading California avocado.

“Retailers are expanding their avocado category with Florida’s best, and as a result, the ‘SlimCado’ is seeing ongoing increases in sales,” Ostlund said.

As with any growing region, warm winters bring crops in earlier and larger than normal, and Florida has enjoyed a particularly warm past few months.

“Our markets have been expanding both geographically and demographically,” said Ostlund.

“The abundance of fruit will easily sell. Get ready North America, ‘SlimCado’ avocados, starfruit, coconuts and many other fresh tropical fruits and vegetables are almost ready to harvest.”

In addition to those aforementioned items, Brooks Tropicals’ flagship products include papayas, Uniq fruit and many other tropical produce items.

Brooks Tropicals’ website,, offers handling, usage nutritional facts and much more about the items that the company offers. It is also aggressively involved in social media venues, which draw a lot of end users, including consumers, to its product line.