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Farm Star Living app delivers farm activities and farm-to-table restaurants

Farm Star Living, the new lifestyle brand that celebrates American farming and farmers, has launched an app that provides easy, quick access to hundreds of farm-to-table restaurants in major cities throughout the U.S. as well as hundreds of farms open to the public for exciting activities and fun.

The app complements the Farm Star Living website,, which satisfies Americans eager to know who's behind their food, where it's grown and how to support local farmers and farm-fresh food.

Offering a comprehensive farm-to-table section, the app is perfect for those on the go, seeking a great night out at a quality restaurant supporting local communities and their farmers. The website,, also offers insight into the vibrant farm-to-table scene, including a farm-to-table finder, profiles on great restaurants, the symbiotic relationships between chefs and local farmers, seasonal produce with spotlighted recipes and a look at what's trending in the kitchen of chefs.

The free app also offers Farm Fun, geared toward the adventurous in spirit as well as families seeking wholesome entertainment. With one swipe, users will find information to plan day trips (or even whole vacations) at farms that offer cafés, corn mazes, farmers' markets, petting zoos, hay rides, farm tours, bed and breakfasts, cabins and more.

Many types of farms across the United States are represented, including cattle ranches, pick-it orchards, organic farms, bee farms and dairy farms. The website also includes monthly to-dos: romantic bed and breakfast getaways, best pick-it farms, dairy cheese farms, wooly creatures to pet farms, and hiking and whitewater rafting farm trips.

"I want to celebrate and support our farmers in as many ways as possible, and it's time," founder Mary Blackmon said in a press release. "When I took over my family farm, I felt the distance and disconnect between farmers and the people they serve, and I want to help bridge that gap and make farmers more accessible. I created the 'Farm Star Living' brand so that I could help shine a spotlight in a new direction."

Blackmon, an Internet media forerunner and entrepreneur who lived in New York City and Los Angeles for most of her adult life, fondly remembers her grandfather transforming acres of Arkansas Delta timberland into a prosperous rice farm when she was a child.

As an adult she left her hometown to pursue a different life and her own career. In 2008 she inherited her family farm and was given the choice to sell the farm she'd just inherited or keep it in the family. It was a "no-brainer," according to Blackmon, who is now a proud, fourth-generation landowner and farmer in the Arkansas Delta.

The "Farm Star Living" brand connects the world of American farmers and their way of life to people everywhere with its fresh, original content and exclusive farm-to-table and farm fun finders.

"I'm thrilled to bring what I deem a 'farming lifestyle' center stage and am proud to celebrate the American farmer in a way that's both exciting and fun for everyone" said Blackmon.

More information about Farm Star Living is available at, on the free Farm Star Living App or on its its Facebook and Twitter pages.