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New two-ounce pack boosts Wholly Guacamole to higher levels

Guacamole has historically been considered a dip. A new two-ounce “mini” serving of Wholly Guacamole, however, brings the popular guacamole line a little closer to the dressing category.

Tara Murray, senior marketing manager of the Wholly Guacamole manufacturer Fresherized Foods, in Ft. Worth, TX, said the new “mini” packaging makes it easier to enjoy Wholly Guacamole “for lunch, as a before-lunch snack or a 3 p.m. snack instead of a fat-laden spread. It adds a great flavor to a salad or a sandwich. In addition to our Classic flavor, we have Wholly Avocado Ranch flavor and a spicy blend that gives creamy yumminess.”

The ranch flavor “has the great taste and flavor of a creamy avocado ranch dip, without all of the fillers and dairy of regular ranch dips,” she said.

Minis Group RenderingFresherized Foods’ two-ounce packs of Wholly Guacamole were introduced in August and have become very popular with consumers and are helping to drive sales of other items in the Wholly Guacamole line, according to Tara Murphy, senior marketing manager.She added that Wholly Guacamole “can be used for a dip for celery, carrots or anything like that. We promote ourselves as a more nutritious alternative to heavier, fat-laden dressings. We have great flavor, zest and flair that you don’t get with regular dressings.”

The two-ounce package was introduced in August 2013. The small cups “are more portable and easier to use. They are flying off the shelves. The minis are really taking off and help drive the other [Wholly Guacamole] categories.”

In a Jan. 23 interview, she said, “The Super Bowl is our ‘Super Bowl’“ because of the demand for guacamole around football parties.

But, she stressed that there are endless uses for Wholly Guacamole, including being a nutritious spread for BLT sandwiches, in salads, wraps and snacks.

Murray said Fresherized was started 15 years ago as a regional Texas supplier.

It was in 2007 that the “Wholly Guacamole” brand was launched nationally.

“We have had almost a two-digit increase in annual growth since then,” she said. “We love being the leader in the category.”