Liberty enjoys seamless software transition

When installing a new corporate software program, “seamless” is a wonderful word.

Liberty Fruit Co. Inc., located in Kansas City, KS, on Jan. 26 enjoyed a “very successful” transition to new “Produce Pro” software. The change was “seamless” according to Scott Danner, Liberty’s chief operating officer.

“We had many, many sleepless nights” preparing for the change “but our customers had no knowledge of it” based upon outward appearances. “That is a positive.”

Danner said the system created and installed by Produce Pro, Inc., in Woodbridge, IL, is vastly improved in showing Liberty “where we are, and where we are not making money.”

“I am very excited about the change,” Danner said Feb. 12.

He added, “business is good” at Liberty, but a foot of snow falling upon Kansas City the previous week was a short-term setback.