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Stellar Distributing is growing its organic offerings

Stellar Distributing in Madera, CA, has spent decades growing its fig and kiwi deal. Now, the company is growing its organic deal, and not only in figs and kiwis.

Stellar offers organic figs half of the year, while shipping organic limes and kiwi throughout the entire year. The firm also recently began shipping organic pomegranates and persimmons from October to December. In addition, Stellar will ship baby Thompson grapes.

2007-CalKiwi-StellarKurt Cappelluti“We have 150 acres in Madera dedicated to cherries, persimmons and figs and our whole idea was to take some of the grapes we had on that farm and try and turn our business more toward organic opportunities,” Sales Manager Kurt Cappelluti said.   

Stellar has been building the organic program with various other organic kiwi farms. The company has been importing Italian and Chilean organic kiwi as well to make use of foreign organic business.  

“We understand that the organic market is a market that is growing and spreading by the day and more and more people are becoming more conscious of what they are putting in their bodies. We have to stay in front of that,” Cappelluti added. “It is a good decision as far as business goes, but we also want to support the healthy trend that consumers are starting to create.”