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Potandon Produce LLC plans to shake up its marketing approach in 2014

Ralph Schwartz, vice president of innovation and marketing for Potandon Produce LLC, said the company plans to roll out a fresh new approach to its marketing in 2014. “We will continue our sampling trailer tours across America, and we have some cross promotional partnerships in place that will be extremely engaging for consumers,” he told The Produce News.

Potandon is headquartered in Idaho Falls, ID, and is recognized as a national leader and full-line supplier of premium fresh potatoes and onions. The independent company is privately owned by a group of managers, grower-shippers and other individuals and entities.

Schwartz said Potandon markets fresh potatoes and onions to domestic retail, wholesale and foodservice customers under the “Green Giant” fresh brand, “Klondike” brand, “Sunfresh” label and private labels.

Currently, Potandon is marketing russets, reds, yellows, whites, Klondike Rose, Klondike Goldust and specialty minis in all varieties.

“Volume is fairly normal,” Schwartz went on to say. “Sizing is larger than typical years. Storage potato quality has been good.”

Value-added product lines such as Klondike Express are also available. Klondike Express is a highly successful line of microwavable steamer potatoes using the Klondike Rose and Goldust potato varieties. Klondike Rose Express was first introduced in 2009, followed by Klondike Goldust Express in 2012.

“These packages of fresh potatoes are shelf-stable and last as long as any other bag of fresh potatoes,” the company’s website states. “No need to refrigerate. Just pop them in the microwave and in six minutes you have fresh, delicious, steamed potatoes.”

On the social media side, Schwartz said the company is always striving to engage consumers with exciting content on all of its social networking sites.

“As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity, we will be increasingly engaging on this tool, along with using bloggers to reach out to consumers to educate them on all facets of potatoes and onions,” he stated.