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Baldor Boston now operating from its new facility

Located in the Chelsea market area in Boston, Baldor Boston services Massachusetts’ North Shore and South Shore regions (except for Cape Cod), southern Massachusetts as far west as Worcester from Southern New Hampshire —Manchester and Portsmouth — and Rhode Island.

Its parent company, Baldor Specialty Foods in the Bronx, NY, is a leading distributor of a full line of conventional, organic and specialty foods, and it feeds the Boston facility with the same high-quality products it offers its customers further south.

Glenn Messinger is the general manager of Baldor Boston. He told The Produce News that the Boston facility does not do its own fresh-cut line, but rather brings those products in from its New York facility.

“And we have two local processors here in Boston who we work with,” said Messinger.

The Baldor Boston operation opened in 2006. Messinger was previously working at the Bronx facility, and transferred to Boston in 2007.

Chelsea-20131015-01111Glenn Messinger, general manager of Baldor Boston.“Our primary customers in our service areas are foodservice operators and small supermarket chains — one with three stores and one with six supermarkets,” said Messinger. “Business has been solid, even during the difficult economic times. We saw a few customers close their doors over that few year period, but even more new ones opened.”

He noted that the longer the Baldor Boston operation is in the region, the stronger and better the footprint it is establishing. It recently moved into its new 30,000-square-foot refrigerated building.

“It’s great to have the unbroken cold chain advantage,” said Messinger. “And as word gets out about our ability to better service customers, the stronger our footprint will become.

“New York and Boston are completely different markets,” he continued. “We came here initially to service a corporate client, but since then we have expanded into foodservice and we’ve developed a retail customer base. Our foodservice clients are predominantly higher end companies.”

Messinger’s strategy for the future is to capture more businesses in between these areas in order to expand its coverage within them. Logistically speaking, this is a perfect strategy for his operation.

Also helpful to Baldor Boston is that, just like the Bronx operation, it offers a full range of produce. It works with local growers, which high-end executive chefs really like.

“Our focus on locally grown has also helped our growth,” said Messinger. “Our reputation and our growth are based on the best prices, outstanding service and top-quality products. We also offer liquid dairy, meats, cheeses and a full line dry fruit and nuts, making us a one-stop shop for our customers.”

Although Baldor Boston also buys f.o.b. and direct, it is still heavily dependent on supplies from the New York Baldor facility.

“Baldor goes all over the country, so we’re not relegated in any way,” said Messinger. “They send a truck up to us twice a day. This is a great advantage to us and to our growth strategies and goals.”