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National Mango Board continues effort to promote the mango

Throughout the fall, as the source of supply for mangos is centered in South America, the National Mango Board will continue to push consumption through promotion and public relations.

All year long, the board creates customized promotion with retailers and also continues its effort to garner publicity for the tropical fruit. Megan McKenna, NMB’s director of marketing, said media outreach is a continual process as is the work its does with social media. Its entire marketing campaign goes by the Mangover moniker with several splinter efforts.

For example, Mangover Mamas, is a “Blogger Ambassador Program” that focuses on working with influential mom bloggers to promote Mangovers as a way to highlight mango pairings, snacks and recipes for kids and special family occasions. The board continually offers tips, conversation starters and blog posts through a Blog Frog partnership. In this same realm, NMB has hosted holiday Twitter parties to again urge bloggers to highlight seasonal recipes, mango pairings and tips regarding how to use mangos for holiday favorites.

The Mangover program is designed to illustrate how a mango’s versatile taste and year-round availability make it an easy upgrade for meals and snacks.

NMB uses celebrity spokesperson Clinton Kelly for its media outreach effort. Kelly, who is co-host of “What Not to Wear” on TLC and “The Chew” on ABC, typically tries to discuss how to incorporate the nutritious and tropical fruit in everyday meals — all while learning how to select, cut and ripen the fruit.

Kelly has spread Mangover messages to consumers during “The Chew” by featuring a Mango Margarita, highlighting that mango is the only sweetener in the drink because of the tropical fruit’s natural sugars. Earlier this year Kelly brought the Mangover message to millions when he appeared on the “Rachael Ray Show” and prepared several mango recipes with that popular chef-host.

Several additional media events are also planned for the fall.

NMB also sends out press releases and recipes for inclusion in magazines and newspapers. Earlier this year, “Mangovers Made Simple” featured simple ways mangos can make dishes more flavorful. Many consumer publications shared this with their readers.

In October, NMB will again highlight the mango’s strong nutrition quality with a press release. The board added new nutrition marketing messages to its existing industry list this year to strengthen the superfruit’s nutrition story. By sharing mango’s nutrition story, the NMB can attract more health-conscious U.S. consumers. In 2013, the NMB wanted to expand its strong nutrition messages beyond being an excellent source of vitamins A and C, and a good source of fiber to include more information about vitamins and nutrients.

The industry can now say one cup of mango is an excellent source of folate and vitamin B6, and mango is a good source of copper.

The NMB also developed structure function claims to help the U.S. consumer understand what these claims mean. For example, to accompany the claim that the mango is an excellent source of folate is the qualifier that “Folate helps support healthy cardiovascular function.”

All of the approved messages and what they mean are on the NMB’s website ( McKenna said NMB encourages retailers to use these messages on their websites, newsletters and in advertising.

In the fall, NMB will be especially busy publicizing the culmination of several efforts, including the results of a 2013 consumer research study, the winners of the Mango Mania Display Contest and the Mango Retailer of the Year.

“We work with foodservice media throughout the year to place mango stories in foodservice trade media and we will be attending and sponsoring the International Foodservice Editorial Council Conference in October in Portland, OR, to build those relationships,” McKenna added.

She, in fact, serves on that board.

Creating foodservice promotions is very important to NMB, and in fact in August the national Chevy’s chain was promoting mangos on its menu.

At the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit International Convention & Exposition in New Orleans in October, NMB will host its annual Mango Industry Reception. The event is slated for October 19, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. It will be held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel.