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QR technology connects consumers to Wholesum Harvest

qrcodeWholesum Family Farms has unveiled a new mobile web page utilizing quick response codes, or QR codes, as part of its strategy to help consumers make healthy food decisions wherever they are — at the grocery store, at home or on the go. This new tool follows closely the recent addition of short kitchen tip videos on YouTube and Pinterest. The QR codes will allow consumers to tap into quick help videos through their mobile devices and provides them instant access to information.  

By simply scanning the QR code, a unique two-dimensional bar code, with a smartphone, current and potential consumers are directed to a wealth of information about Wholesum Family Farms on the company’s mobile web page, including links to the the grower’s full website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and contact information.

“Today, more than ever, people rely on their mobile phones to supply answers about individuals, products and services,” said Sales Manager Steve Le Fevre. “They can access their email, social media accounts, or surf the Web from almost anywhere. With a simple scan from a mobile device, QR codes offer immediate access to the information that they are seeking,”

“In the supermarket, QR codes can influence a buyer’s decision to purchase a product. When a customer scans Wholesum Harvest’s QR code, for instance, they will learn about the company’s commitment to safe, organic produce and fair trade. They can watch a video that allows them to see the company’s greenhouse operations for themselves. They can visit Twitter or Facebook to connect with Wholesum Harvest, see what people are saying about the company, or get recipe ideas. We are allowing them to get to know Wholesum Harvest and facilitating a decision to purchase the company’s produce, all with a quick scan from their phone,” Le Fevre said.

“The world has changed, and as such, our marketing strategies must change to keep pace with the way that people consume information,” he added. “We are excited to see where QR technology takes us.”

Wholesum Family Farms has been growing for over 80 years and has been growing organically for over 20 years. For more information visit