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Monitoring experts Locus Traxx spreading out globally by land and sea

Since 2005, Jupiter, FL-based Locus Traxx and its proprietary monitoring technology have helped save thousands of loads and millions of dollars in at-risk revenue throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada, maintaining complete records of the journey of any shipment of produce. Now the company has plans to move beyond those borders and is taking its technology worldwide.

The Locus Traxx system logs every step of a shipment’s journey and also constantly monitors load temperature and any deviations. Previous Locus Traxx technology was available only for trucks. Now a new container product will launch Locus Traxx by sea for international shipments.

“From sea to shining sea, we’ve championed the cause of food safety and gained invaluable insight and expertise in our industry,” said Marketing Manager Vince Norman. “Now, Locus Traxx is taking that next inevitable evolutionary step and becoming Locus Traxx Worldwide. We’re offering the same high-tech solutions to your logistics problems and the same great customer service and monitoring capabilities around the globe.”

LTVince Norman and Michelle Korte of Locus Traxx in Jupiter, FL, manning their booth at Southern Exposure. (Photo by Chip Carter)With new FSMA and trucking regulations looming, “The days of the old ‘pack-and-pray’ method are over,” Norman said. “Public awareness of a need for increased traceability efforts and stricter food-safety requirements is at an all-time high. Now is the time for forward-thinking companies to get ahead of the issue and ensure their assets are being protected with the only technology on the market with real-time controls.”

Those controls are not just limited to monitoring temperatures and route deviation. Locus Traxx Worldwide is a full-service monitoring solution, taking into account every aspect of security, including location.

“Once a trip is launched in our system, you have the freedom to take control, monitoring the shipment every step of the way,” Norman said. “You know where the load is almost before the driver. Locus Traxx has been monitoring perishable shipments since 2005 and we just keep adding features and new levels of controls. New updates in our technology have allowed us to expand our previous boundaries, following the supply chain across the ocean with our new container product. We are now a true worldwide presence and we’re updating our look to reflect that new broader scope. The sky’s our limit — for now.”

One shipper told the company, “Locus Traxx saved Valentine’s day” after monitoring detected temperature problems in a $200,000 shipment of floral goods. As the truck left Florida heading for the Northeast, the system detected rising temperatures. The driver could not correct the problem on the road so was diverted to a nearby service center for repair, averting disaster.

The system can also detect anomalies that might otherwise go unnoticed. Monitoring the tracks of a cross-country route that passed through West Texas, the system noted a consistent 12-mile detour. It turns out the driver knew a terrific barbecue joint a few miles out of the way that he simply could not pass up.

Another client installed Locus Traxx in a fleet of trucks, told drivers it was coming and explained how it worked. Before the system was even installed, the owner reported that drivers were completing their routes in about half the previous time.