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Homegrown offers organic pomegranates, persimmons and Crimson grapes in its fall lineup

Organic pomegranates, organic persimmons and one variety of organic grape constitute the major fall fruit varieties offered by Homegrown Organic Farms in Porterville, CA.

“We will be starting pomegranates right around the end of August or the first of September,” said President Scott Mabs in an interview with The Produce News Aug. 6. “We start off with the Smith variety and the Foothill, then it looks like we will move into the Wonderfuls sometime around the first week of October this year.”

The pomegranate crop appears to be, on average, about 10 days earlier than last year, Mabs said.

“Everything has been early this year, and it looks like pomegranates are going to follow suit,” he said.

The size of the crop on the trees appears to be “OK,” Mabs said, but the sizing of the fruit “seems to be a little bit smaller than previous years.”

021-FallFruit-Homegrown-ScoScott MabsIn persimmons, Homegrown Organic Farms will be offering both the Hachiya and Fuyu types “and running with those once we get into September and October,” Mabs said. “We will be offering both of those throughout the fall season.”

In the grape category, “our grape program is smaller than it used to be,” and Homegrown’s fall grape program now consists of just a single variety, Crimson. The grapes are grown on the owners’ home ranch, France Ranch, and they will be available from the middle of September through the end of November and possibly into December, he said.

Following the company’s fall fruit programs, “next on the docket is the citrus program,” Mabs said. “We do a lot of citrus during the winter.”

All of the products will ship out of the company’s new packing and warehouse facility in Kingsburg, CA.

The company was currently in process of relocating its sales office, which has for many years been located in Strathmore, a small town outside of Porterville.

“We just outgrew it, so we had to find another place to go,” Mabs said. “We bought a new office over in Porterville” that is being renovated. “We will move in there probably in October.”