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Stellar Distributing expands its shipments of chestnuts

Stellar Distributing will start shipping California chestnuts Sept. 1, as it have for the past 15 years, according to Kurt Cappeluti, sales manager. Stellar will ship the California chestnuts through September.

New to Stellar’s repertoire are Italian chestnuts, which will start Sept. 20. The Italian chestnuts will extend Stellar’s shipments to mid-January, which will allow for holiday promotions.

Stellar ships around 2.5 million nine-kilo boxes of kiwis a year, domestic and imported. Cappeluti said kiwi buyers have been asking about chestnuts, too.

“We have done California chestnuts for about the past 15 years and decided to expand. With all the Italian kiwi shippers we have, we decided to ask them if we could do Italian chestnuts because we have had so many customers ask us to do them,” Cappeluti said. “We just want to be a more universal shipper and the more commodities we can handle, and handle proficiently — the more versatile that makes us and the more valuable as well.”

The volume of Stellar’s chestnuts should increase from three containers a year to 13 a year with the addition of Italian chestnuts to the company’s marketing mix. Packaging will include clams, bags and a new net bag.