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Jimmy Coppola joins Westmoreland as key account manager

Westmoreland Sales/TopLine, headquartered in Leamington, Ontario, recently announced that Jimmy Coppola has joined the firm as key account manager.

“I will be helping with our current portfolio of partners as well as seeking out that ‘next great partnership,’” Coppola said. “My tasks also include working on our marketing endeavors with input from our entire organization.”

TopLine is one of the largest greenhouse producers, packers and shippers in North America. It is completely grower owned and therefore, Coppola noted, dealing direct with the grower cannot get any easier.

12-x-1Pint-Roma-Grape‘TopLine’ one-pint grape tomatoes in clamshells.“We pride ourselves on being the largest producer of seedless mini cucumbers in North America, alongside our impressive production of seedless cucumbers, beefsteak, cluster and Roma tomatoes, bell peppers and a long line of specialty products,” he noted.

Westmoreland/TopLine is currently promoting all of these products in addition to bite-size mini peppers, mid-size peppers, hot peppers, cocktail and grape tomatoes, baby eggplant, long sweet peppers and more.

“We are currently in full production in our Canadian greenhouses,” said Coppola. “Some of our growing partners in Mexico are still producing, but at a minimal level currently. We also work with a couple of growing partners in the U.S., which is also in production now.”

The company will produce in Canada through November and even into December, with cucumbers and mini cucumbers now in production year-round.

However, it services its customers year-round with product from its growing partners in Mexico, supplementing supplies when Canadian production is minimal. It also operates a packing facility-warehouse in Michigan and offices in New Jersey.

Westmoreland/TopLine offers a small line of organic cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. Coppola said that consistent promotion on these items is key with growth being ultimately dependent on consumer demand and synergies with its retail partners.

“Here at Westmoreland/TopLine we are always working on new packaging,” Coppola said. “Currently we’re developing a new line of packages that incorporate something ‘extra’ for the consumer. That’s all we’re announcing about this project at the moment, but stay tuned for the unveiling in the coming future.”

The company remains up-to -date with all industry standards related to food-safety and traceability initiatives. Its customer portfolio includes retailers, wholesalers and foodservice operators. It also continues to invest in its own fleet of trucks and its in-house logistics’ department, which enables it to service its customers from the East to the West Coasts.

Coppola noted that even in a weakened economy people still need to eat, and eating healthy is more on the minds of people today.

“Greenhouse technology, including the materials used to create the greenhouses, enables growers to grow better product more efficiently, which closes the pricing gap as compared to field-grown produce,” he said. “Consistently producing a great product with great flavor is our goal, and consumers are always looking to TopLine for that consistency. This is what we provide even in a weakened economy.”

The company incorporates highly sustainable practices. In addition to planting new trees around all of its facilities, it has also installed LED lighting in its facilities. Its trucks have high-efficiency reefers, and its “green” measures inside of its greenhouses extend to water recycling, integrated pest management and highly engineered greenhouse coverings in order to maximize efficiencies and lessen its carbon footprint.

“When you are looking for top of the line quality, top of the line consistency and top of the line service, think TopLine Farms,” said Coppola. “We supply our customers with fresh greenhouse gourmet fruits, vegetables and specialty items 365 days a year.”