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Zuhlke gearing up for new packaging rollout

A new three-compartment tomato container marketed by Zuhlke & Associates will be available to retailers soon. Kurt Zuhlke Jr., the company’s president, said the packaging will allow consumers to one-stop shop tomato purchases, as the container will be packed with a trio of tomatoes.

“We will introduce it at the end of July,” Zuhlke told The Produce News.

The company, based in Bangor, PA, has been a strong proponent of the use of environmentally friendly, recyclable material from which its packaging is made. “We have a huge variety of clamshells,” Zuhlke stated. Other green options offered include trays, berry baskets, corrugated boxes, trays and wrappers, pallet stretch film and roll stock film.

The company uses polyethylene terephthalate, known as PET, for much of its packaging. The material, he said, provides high-quality containers for delicate fresh produce while providing consumers with the assurances they seek about environmental responsibility.

“The practice helps keep containers from making their way to overburdened landfills,” Zuhlke stated. “It’s good for everyone.”

Zuhlke & Associates also offers customized labeling services, including thermo-forming to give clamshells a distinctive look.

The company ships throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. “We have capabilities around the world for manufacturers,” Zuhlke noted.

The company’s website,, was recently revamped. “We made it easier to use and added more features,” Zuhlke commented. Product searches can now be conducted by category, commodity and product number. The checkout process has also been simplified following customer feedback.