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Indy Fruit stays on cutting edge with innovative programs, apps

Indianapolis Fruit Co. continues to develop services and programs that unlock the full potential of today’s cutting-edge technology.

“Our mission remains clear: We are committed to being a key partner in our customers’ success by finding and delivering only the highest quality products with unparalleled dedication to service and reliability,” said President Mike Mascari. IndianapolisFruitFajitaMix“We are excited by this opportunity and are confident that our customers will be as well.”

“Indianapolis Fruit Company supplies grocers and retailers in more than 14 Midwestern states with the freshest, safest and most enjoyable fruits, vegetables and other essential produce items on the market today,” said Marketing Manager Antonia Mascari. The family-owned business began operations in 1947. “Multiple generations are dedicated to education, customer service and advancement in the produce industry,” she added.

Last fall, the company introduced the Android version of its Garden Cut app, which gives consumers immediate information about the “Garden Cut” line of convenience-packed fresh fruits and vegetables.

“ ‘Garden Cut A Fresh Experience’ is an interactive app that features weekly updates about seasonal Garden Cut products and countless fun original healthy offerings that will guarantee to please your active lifestyle,” Antonia Mascari said.

“This very first and very special touch-enabled fresh produce field guide [is] for any of you who would like to swipe and tap your way through Garden Cut’s vast offering of healthy products and meal solutions. You now have the product line and corresponding recipe ideas at your fingertips. Whether you’re in the kitchen, needing healthy snack ideas for your kids, or simply just considering purchasing some of our fresh fruit, this is definitely what you should be looking at.”

The company has also launched its new Garden Grillers grilling and oven roasting kits. Mascari said the new product line is a perfect complement to the company’s existing selection and is available for immediate delivery. “The launch of the Garden Griller line expands Indy Fruit’s product offerings to include 17 new Garden Griller kits as well as two new stir-fry blends with Asian flavors that help to make preparation easier in the kitchen,” she went on to say. “The line includes a range of items from an asparagus kit and stuffed mushrooms and peppers to sweet potato fries and a garden fresh vegetable kit.”

The items were created by the company’s corporate chef with in-kit spice blends to give the veggies unique and bold flavors. “The new packaging includes a QR code that links consumers directly to a series of recipes,” Mascari commented.

The focus on health, flavor and convenience makes the value-added items a standout in the produce department. “The line provides consumers with a delicious and flavorful eating experience,” she stated. “The kits are prepped and ready for grilling and roasting, which makes them ideal for retailers to promote and perfect for consumers to buy as the grilling season gets underway. Our commitment to go to any length to ensure the variety, freshness and quality of our products has always been the driving force behind our growth. The launch of our Garden Grillers line is a natural continuation of this commitment.”

The company’s Fresh Pack line, which features consumer-ready packaging, includes individually wrapped items. Mascari said the company is expanding its offerings to the Hispanic market sector. “Catering to the Hispanic population is a sound retail decision,” she stated. “In fact, the growth witnessed in this population segment is changing the way the Midwest and the rest of America does business. With a purchasing power of over $700 billion annually and more than 40 million people from 21 different countries, the Hispanic population is well beyond a fast-growing category.” This expansion will include items in clamshells and gusseted packaging that extends product shelf life and contains a UPC label.

Indianapolis Fruit continues to implement facilities improvements that enhance production.

“In 2012, our Garden Cut division went through a massive renovation to create a state-of-the-art processing facility,” Mascari said. “We have added chilled water lines for a faster product changeover, as well as a chilled water reserve with chemical pumps in place. New and improved equipment has been installed including flume systems, metal detection controls, automated apple line with chemical reservoir, automated form and fills and product line automation.

“We’ve also installed an underground flume system for product waste that gets donated to local farms for compost on a daily basis.”

The company is also committed to the highest-quality food safety standards. This past January, Indianapolis Fruit received its SQF Level 2 certification.

“We have a fully documented food-safety program that minimizes the potential for food contamination to occur during receiving, storage, processing and shipment of our product,” Mascari noted.