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New Web resource keeps industry informed about FSMA

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement has launched a special section of its website to update industry on the Food Safety Modernization Act as it pertains to leafy greens. The new section can be accessed via the homepage of the LGMA at  

“We know that LGMA members and others from throughout the leafy greens industry have a direct interest in the new Food Safety Modernization Act and how it ScottHorsfallScott Horsfallwill be implemented,” Scott Horsfall, chief executive officer of the LGMA, said in a press release. “So we developed a resource where people can get information about the pending rules and how they may affect leafy greens farmers.”

According to Mr. Horsfall, the new section includes information on any LGMA activity involving FSMA; important dates; documents from the FDA; pertinent news stories; LGMA blog posts pertaining to FSMA; and an FAQ section that addresses common industry questions about FSMA. Visitors to the section can also sign up to receive FSMA updates and download a recording or Power Point presentation from a recent LGMA webinar on the Produce Safety Rule.

“Government regulations are not new to producers of California leafy greens because the LGMA has been in place since 2007,” Mr. Horsfall added in the press release, noting that the LGMA food-safety program includes verification of food-safety practices by mandatory government audit. “In looking at the Produce Safety Rule as announced by FDA in January, it appears the LGMA program already meets or exceeds most of the requirements of FSMA and it has a mechanism to verify compliance.”

Mr. Horsfall noted that despite an extension of the deadline for public comment on the Produce Safety Rule to Sept. 13, the LGMA will be providing its comments by the original May 16 deadline. The comments will be posted and made available on the new FSMA section of the LGMA website.

“We encourage LGMA members and others throughout the produce industry to visit and utilize our new FSMA section as a resource on the Produce Safety Rule and FSMA,” Mr. Horsfall said in the press release. “This is certainly an important issue to the produce industry and this section should help us all stay informed about how this new law will be implemented.”