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California Giant Berry Farms sponsors Urban Girls Squad event

California Giant Berry Farms recently teamed up with blogger Coryanne Ettiene and the Urban Girls Squad, a social networking group in New York City for women in their 20s and 30s, to host an exclusive berry party, NYC style. The event was held  April 23 at the GE Monogram Center in the Iconic Architects & Designers Building in mid-town New York. IMG 0685Members of the Urban Girls Squad had the opportunity get some hands-on experience in making fresh California Giant berry pies at a Cal Giant-sponsored event held April 23.

The evening event sponsored by California Giant was hosted by Ms. Ettiene as she served up fabulous berry cocktails, including fresh strawberry daiquiris and “adult” pink lemonade, all while providing guests with invaluable party hosting tips for the spring and summer.

After sampling cocktails and enjoying conversation, guests also had the opportunity get some hands-on experience in making fresh California Giant berry pies, where GE Monogram’s Chef Tagere helped each guest learn how to make the perfect pie crust from scratch. Each guest took home her own pie dough, along with three pre-baked pies using California Giant Berries and all the recipes. But before they went on their way for the evening, guests stopped by the berry buffet to sample and take home fresh, juicy California Giant berries and savory treats.

The Urban Girls Squad has over 14,000 members so the event sold out quickly. As a result, the event was filmed and will be featured on Ms. Ettiene‘s blog and website as well as California Giant’s social media outlets.

This event served as the perfect opportunity for California Giant staff to interact with young moms and professionals as they try to balance work, home life and entertaining. The group was very impressed with the berry facts they learned at the event and walked away armed with recipes and tips to share with friends and family that include California Giant strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

“This is one of the many ways we are connecting with our consumer this year. We enjoy the opportunity to share information about our products face to face, but also learn about challenges busy moms and young professionals face in providing fun and healthy alternatives for family and friends,” Cindy Jewell, California Giant director of marketing, said in a press release.