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Texas 1015s set stage for year-round sweet onion program at Curry

Consumers are always shopping for sweet onions, and Curry & Co. is pleased to include Texas 1015s as part of its year-round sweet onion program. “We believe that the demand for sweet onions is year-round,” President Matt Curry told The Produce News on March 24. “The Texas sweet onion crop is an important part of this year round mix. It is the first domestic sweet available in the new year and helps set the stage for the season.”

Curry2Curry & Co. launched into its Texas 1015 sweet onion season in March. Volume will grow in April, and the season will wind down in May. The company offers the variety as part of its year-round sweet onion program. (Photo courtesy of Curry & Co.)Curry & Co. is located in Brooks, OR. Mr. Curry said the company has included Texas 1015s in its year-round sweet onion manifest for more than a decade. The variety is marketed under the “Bit Hat Texas 1015” label.

The gate is opening on a good season. “We’ll have similar volumes to previous years,” Mr. Curry said. “We started small amounts of shipments in March and will start into our volume period in early April.”

He characterized weather conditions during the growing season as normal. “The Texas sweet market has been pretty tight this season, and with Mexico having some shortages the demand has been strong,” he stated. “The quality on the early onions has been good, and we’ll get into our best product as we move into April.” Texas onions will be available into May.

“Our distribution for Texas onions changes as various sweet onion seasons finish and begin,” he continued. “Currently demand is strong, and there are sweet onion needs throughout the country, so our distribution range is larger. When Vidalia onions start, our Texas onion program moves primarily to a regional program.”

Most of the company’s 1015 volume is marketed to national retailers and wholesalers. “Texas sweet onions have a window where they can be the only domestic sweet onion available,” he commented.