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QPMA names finalist for internship

GATINEAU, QC — Outgoing QPMA President Robert Beauregard announced the finalist of the one-year internship program.

David Turcot of Ferme Turcot will spend the year attending QPMA events, meetings, working groups and round tables. The yearlong apprenticeship will offer Mr. Turcot the opportunity to network and learn about all aspects of the industry.

“The idea is to incite engagement of young talent in our industry,” said Mr. Beauregard. “The winning candidate spends a year involved following QPMA and gaining valuable industry experience. We want this to create anTurcot-QPMA-2012David Turcot, who was selected as the finalist in the Cultivating the Next Generation intern program, with his father, Réjean Turcot. (Photo by Melanie Richer) impact over several years, we’re creating ambassadors.”

Mr. Turcot was thrilled at the opportunity and had undergone a fairly extensive application process. Following in his father’s footsteps, Mr. Turcot has been working for Ferme Turcot, which specializes in carrots and cabbage, for the past 10 years. He said that he is looking forward to finding his unique path and sees the internship program as a great opportunity to do so.

“I saw it as a good way to make my mark and advance not only my career but find a way to contribute to the advancement of the industry,” said Mr. Turcot.

“David Turcot represents a new generation of young people who are clued in to the realities of their trade and already have some real expertise, and I’m sure we’ll all gain a lot from working with him,” said Mr. Beauregard.