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Ehlis pushes boundaries with boxers and Borton

Lindsay Ehlis with her two dogs, Layla and Lexi, who make sure there’s never a dull minute in the household. (Photo courtesy of Lindsay Ehlis)

Lindsay Ehlis doesn’t mind that it’s a dog’s life. That is, if the dogs are named Lexi and Layla. “They are definitely my babies,” the 29-year-old Ms. Ehlis told The Produce News Feb. 21. “Lexi is my oldest and is almost 9, and Layla is 3 and is my little handful. They are a very big part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine not having them around. They are great company and never allow there to be any dull moments around the house. They are definitely my comfort in anything I’m going through.”

Ms. Ehlis has a demanding job at Borton & Sons Inc. in Yakima, WA. “I am accounts receivable, marketing and advertising,” she said. “I assist our president of marketing with many miscellaneous tasks as well as our directors of marketing out of Atlanta and Oklahoma. I handle most of our customer relations, poing-of-sale materials and much more. I love how diverse my job is. I never do the same thing every day, which is what keeps me going. I learn something new if not daily, weekly, and for that reason I feel challenged all the time, which is definitely what drives me.”

On the verge of her 30th birthday, Ms. Ehlis is a Washington native who has “actually lived in Yakima all my life,” she stated. “I grew up in the same house for most of my years. After renting for some time, I decided to build a house almost four years ago now right down the road from Borton, which has been really nice and convenient.”

Ms. Ehlis attended West Valley High School, the home of the Rams, and graduated in 2000. “While there, I played volleyball and ran track,” she said. “Volleyball was always my favorite sport. But unfortunately, during my sophomore year, I hurt my knee really badly and ended up having two surgeries. Since I was a setter, which consists of a lot of diving on your knees, volleyball was out of the picture for me from that point forward.”

The eventual removal of a torn meniscus in her right knee was a game changer of sorts. “I was able to continue track my junior and senior years and made it to state both times in the 100 and 200 meter runs and four-person relay teams,” she continued”. “We placed third my senior year in the 4x2 relay, which was really exciting and will always be memorable.”

Following high school, she earned her associates degree in business at Yakima Valley Community College.

She’s also no stranger to the produce industry. “I’ve worked around produce off and on since I was about 18 years old,” Ms. Ehlis noted. “Right when I turned 16, I got a job at Wray’s Thriftway in town starting as a cart girl, then moved to stocking shelves and eventually moving into the produce department for a few years. I took a break while going to college and worked at Starbucks while going to school.”

Ms. Ehlis was looking for something more challenging and fate intervened. “One of my best friends worked at Borton and told me they were hiring so I applied. That was in 2003,” she said. “This March, I will have been here for nine years. If you ever would have asked me what I was going to be when I grew up, I would have never thought I’d be in this industry. But something really clicked for me working here. I started out doing invoicing, helping answer phones, doing repack records and many miscellaneous tasks.” Two years ago, she moved into the sales department, and the rest is history.

Despite the fact that Ms. Ehlis is dedicated to her job, she has a surprisingly lighter side. She confesses to having a vampire fetish that started with the famous Twilight saga. “Since then, I’ve really got in tune with many other books and shows that are out now with vampires in them,” she confided. “I’m not really sure what it is. But I do get made fun of a lot and called a nerd quite frequently when I discuss how much I like these shows with other people.”

Outside the office, she’s a highly social person. “I have a lot of great friends and family that I enjoy spending my time with,” she said. She loves anything to do with the great outdoors and enjoys boating, hiking, camping and swimming. But that isn’t all. “I love going on wine tours,” she added, saying that the Yakima area is a haven for great wineries. “I love my girls nights out because I’ve always enjoyed dancing.” She loves the big-city experience, and Portland, OR, and Seattle are favored shopping destinations.

“On the other side, I do enjoy just staying in and watching movies and my ton of shows I have. Thankfully for DVR, I never have to miss any of them,” she said. “The days that you can just stay in your PJs from morning till night can be my favorites at times.”

On a more serious note, Ms. Ehlis said she’s in the middle of a “very promising relationship” with a fellow Yakima resident, and the couple is talking about tying the knot.