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Three cheers for Rosemont's new marketing coordinator

How is this as a combination for the perfect employee: educated, motivated, dedicated, kind, hardworking, talented and beautiful.

The entire package is exactly what Rosemont Farms Corp. in Boca Raton, FL, got when it hired 25-year-old Lacie Randall as its new marketing coordinator in July.

But there are even more pleasant surprises. Ms. Randall is also a cheerleader for the National Football League's Miami Dolphins.

And if you're not a fan yet, one chat with this outgoing and dynamic gal will have you changing your team colors.

A native of Brandon, MS, just outside Jackson, Ms. Randall left for Florida the day after her high school graduation.

"I wanted something different, much to the disappointment of my family, who are all 'Ole Miss' [University of Mississippi] fans," said Ms. Randall. "I love the warm weather, so Florida was the perfect place. I attended Florida State University.

She graduated in 2002 with a double major in international affairs and communications. Soon after, she headed to Dallas to work in sales for the Texas Rangers baseball team, explaining that she had always been interested in sports. At one time she even entertained the idea of becoming a sportscaster.

"After a few other experiences, I realized I had other interests, she said. "Although I loved my job, I missed my friends and the weather in Florida. I moved to Naples in 2003 and took a job with the Florida Everblades hockey team doing sponsorship sales. About six months into that position, I learned that the Miami Dolphins were holding tryouts for its cheerleading squad at the hockey arena, and I decided to try out.

Ms. Randall has even more talents. She is an accomplished vocalist, and so used her singing abilities in the talent portion of the tryouts. Only 30 people are chosen each year for the squad, which equates to one out of approximately 1,000 applicants. She was one of those chosen 30, and is now in her second year as a squad member.

Soon after making the squad, she relocated to Boca Raton, FL, and took a job with a real estate development company. Several months ago it moved its efforts out of state, but she wanted to remain in South Florida. That was when, through a friend, she learned about the opening at Rosemont Farms.

"I had very little knowledge of the company or its culture when I applied, she explained. "Hurley Neer, vice president of sales and marketing, conducted the interview. He patiently explained all about the company and the industry. I liked that I would not be pigeonholed into one position, but instead would have the ability to look for new and changing opportunities for the company. It was a pleasant surprise to learn how advanced and innovative the corporation is, and how similar my responsibilities would be to the work I had done for other companies.

The Miami Dolphin cheerleading squad means more responsibility than just showing up at football games and cheering on the team. Besides putting in 40-hour weeks at Rosemont Farms, Ms. Randall attends practice at least four evenings a week, which usually doesn't end until about 10:30. She is also called on to travel with the squad on charity functions, including fundraisers for non-profit organizations, entertaining U.S. troops, visiting people in hospitals and other venues.

"During my tenure on the squad, I have had the pleasure of traveling around the world, she said. "I've been to China, Japan, Europe, the Bahamas, Mexico and other places. My favorite duty is entertaining our troops. They are always very grateful that we are there to entertain them.

Although it sounds like a lot of time away from work, Ms. Randall explained that the squad is usually divided, so not all of the girls are away at the same time. She said that in the last full year, she traveled for about two weeks, adding that Rosemont Farms is proud to be part of her involvement by allowing her the time needed to travel. She explained that every squad member is required to be either a full-time student or to work full time. They are also required to reapply and go through then entire tryout process every year.

"You have to work hard to keep your place, she said. "Squad members are expected to be well-rounded and always be healthy representatives of the Miami Dolphins.

Just over a month into her job, Ms. Randall is already busy handling details in preparation for the annual PMA convention, which will be held in Atlanta in early November. She said she is looking forward to attending her first PMA event.

"Since joining Rosemont Farms, I have learned that the company is known for its high quality produce and its great reputation in the industry, she said. "Even in its marketing efforts, we pay attention to every word, the same way the company attends to every detail regarding its product. It is never about finding the cheapest or fastest way to do something here -- it is about quality and consistency, and that is how its product is communicated to the public. It makes me very proud to be in the produce industry, and especially with Rosemont Farms.