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Tyler Paasch likes to keep things simple

Even though Dazed & Confused is among his favorite movies, Tyler Paasch is anything but. Mr. Paasch, the 28-year-old HACCP coordinator for Coastal Inc. in Portand, OR, lives by a guiding principle.

"I keep things simple," he told The Produce News.

Mr. Paasch is a native Oregonian who is proud of his roots in the Beaver State. He was born in Forest Grove, and his family eventually moved to Beaverton, where he graduated from Merlo Station High School. He entered the work force straight out of school. Today, he and his girlfriend, Megan, call the Rock Creek area home.

"I hadn't ever left Oregon until I got the job with Coastal," Mr. Paasch said. He had a good reason. Oregon is the home of Crater Lake, which is among the larger and deeper lakes in the United States. The state offers a breathtaking coastline, majestic highlands and fertile lowlands. It is a prolific playground, and is exactly the kind of location that takes a lifetime to explore.

"Being from the Northwest, I used to do a lot of camping and hunting with my dad," he said. Although he does not consider himself a sportsman, he is very attracted to "anything outdoors." The Coast Range is a favorite when it comes to hiking and camping. "I'm not an extremist. It's just clean fun that gets you away from the city," Mr. Paasch said.

Art imitates life. Mr. Paasch was asked why Dazed and Confused figured so highly on his list of cinematic inspirations. "I love old cars," he laughed. The movie is a coming-of-age film chronicling the adventures of a group of high school buddies in Texas. Classic cars figure prominently in the film's landscape.

"It's just the '70s and the way the guys look with their cars," Mr. Paasch said.

He's has a long history with cars to be sure. The male members of his family always had older cars, and Mr. Paasch tinkered a little here and there. And the automotive industry is indirectly responsible for his current employment. "It's kind of a funny story," he chuckled. "My mom dated a truck driver at Coastal's sister company." She found out about an opening in the Coastal warehouse, and Mr. Paasch was hired in July 2006. "Then I had an opportunity to move into the office," he said, "and I jumped on it."

Every car buff is full of passion, and Mr. Paasch is no exception. "If I'm going to own one, it would be a Chevy," he said. And if he could be a kid in a candy store, his top choice comes from the classic muscle car era. "It would be the Camaro," he said.

He has spent some down time at the Portland International Raceway, a popular racing venue. And he acknowledged that a daredevil lurks deep inside. "The idea of racing an older car is really attractive," Mr. Paasch added. When he is indoors, he loves shooting pool, bowling and watching action and war movies. Portland's restaurant scene is hopping and keeps Mr. Paasch satisfied.

"I'm a spicy food guy," he confided.

The spice of life carries over to other pursuits. "I love to barbecue," he added.