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Apeel Sciences hires new director of trade and retail marketing

California-based Apeel Sciences — the company that’s using food to preserve food with its thin “peel” of edible plant material applied to the surface of fruits and vegetables, thereby slowing down spoilage and increasing shelf life — has hired Natalie Shuman as its director of trade and retail marketing. Shuman’s appointment comes as Apeel, which was recently named as one of Time magazine’s 50 Most Genius Companies of 2018, accelerates its industry talent acquisition efforts to support its momentum and the rising public demand for its products.NATALIE-SHUMAN

Shuman brings to Apeel 15 years of marketing and communications experience and a decade worth of produce marketing knowledge. She led the development and management of the Sun World global brand in Bakersfield, CA, and was the director of marketing at Colorado-based Concentric Ag.

“Joining Apeel allows me to return to my passion for produce marketing, with the added bonus of being a part of a purpose-driven company with an incredible mission. Apeel’s unique ability to reduce food waste and provide value to so many different people in the food system is unparalleled,” Shuman said. “I’m excited to be part of this team that is so dedicated to bringing proven, plant-derived shelf-life extension technology to fresh produce and look forward to sharing the benefits of Apeel with our industry partners.”

Shuman’s job will be to deepen Apeel’s relationships with growers, suppliers and retailers to establish Apeel as the post-harvest solution of choice — and seal of freshness — from farm to shelf. She will also develop and execute global marketing programs with retail partners and their suppliers that drive consumer awareness and brand preference for Apeel products.

Apeel recently introduced its products for citrus and asparagus and the company will be exhibiting at the PMA Fresh Summit Oct. 19-20 in Orlando, FL. To see its plant-derived shelf life technology in action on avocados and other produce categories, visit Fresh Summit booth No. 2689.