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Royal Madera's Steve Cerniglia is third-generation grape marketer

Stephen Cerniglia joined his father, Kirk Cerniglia, and his grandfather, Steve Volpe, on the sales desk at Royal Madera Vineyards in Madera, CA, about a year ago, after graduating from Cal State University at Fresno with a degree in agribusiness.

"I knew I wanted to come into this business," the 25-year-old third- generation grape marketer told The Produce News. "I was intrigued by it," adding that it was the reason he chose to major in agribusiness at Fresno State.

"I worked summers [in the family business] when I was in high school and college," he said. "Then I became full time after I graduated."

In addition to helping on sales, Mr. Cerniglia oversees the farming operations, he said.

It is a business he enjoys. "There is stress along the way. There always is," he said. "But I enjoy what I am doing, and I see it as my future."

He said that he enjoys the "various stages of the growing side of the business," and he also enjoys his conversations with buyers. Outside work, Mr. Cerniglia enjoys an assortment of activities. He likes spending time with family and friends and with his girlfriend. He played football in high school and now enjoys playing softball. "We have a group that gets together and plays softball during the week," he said.

He likes watching football and baseball games. And he particularly enjoys spending time at Bass Lake, where the family has a cabin. Activities at the lake are many ranging from active sports such as fishing to just "cruising the lake."