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Rebecca Burnworth joins Azzule Systems as PrimusGFS technical manager

Azzule Systems, headquartered in Santa Maria, CA, has announced that Rebecca Burnworth joined its team as technical manager for the PrimusGFS food-safety auditing scheme.   

In February 2014, PrimusGFS released a new version of the audit when re-benchmarked to the Global Food Safety Initiative 6th Edition Guidance document. As a technical manager for PrimusGFS, Burnworth will be involved with the requirements of transitioning to this new 2.1 version of PrimusGFS, and then with ongoing development and expansion of the PrimusGFS auditing scheme.

“Rebecca’s role is very important to the success of PrimusGFS,” Kerry Bridges, PrimusGFS Scheme director, said in a press release. “Her experience working with small  and large-scale growers and most recently a certification body, makes her a great choice for the role. Since she came on board, she has already shown a strong work ethic and an impressive desire to expand her knowledge of Azzule, its services and its clients.”

Prior to joining Azzule, Burnworth worked for PrimusLabs and C.H. Robinson. She holds her bachelor's degree in food science from the University of  Florida. She is based in Florida, where she will serve as a key resource on the East Coast for Azzule, PrimusGFS and its clients.

Privately owned and managed by Azzule Systems, the PrimusGFS Standard is a voluntary scheme that establishes requirements for the certification in the agriculture crops sector. PrimusGFS covers various stages of agricultural crop production, including, but not limited to, pre-harvest and post-harvest farming activities, cooling, packing, processing and storing. Since its inception, PrimusGFS has been utilized in 15 countries with more than 25,000 certificates issued from ISO 65/EN45011 accredited certification bodies.