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Sweet potato damage hit or miss, tomato supply not affected
Hurricane Florence had a hug effect on the people of North and South Carolina but when it came to any damage to the tomato crops in the surrounding states there doesn’t seem to be anything major to report. Sweet potato growers will be hit and miss on who saw real damage. Tomatoes are currently coming from a few different growing locations in the southeast;... Read more
Idaho's Norkotah crop looks good, Burbank crop may be lighter
The 2018 Idaho potato harvest got under way with Russet Norkotahs in early August, and by the first week in September, most growers in the state had started digging Norkotahs. While there is always variation from one field to another, growers were generally reporting good volumes with a good size structure and very good quality. Russet Burbanks, which are harvested... Read more
Hurricane Florence expected to hit sweet potato crop
Hurricane Florence has been predicted to hit the East Coast later this week. As of this morning the National Hurricane Center has stated the hurricane is growing in strength and is predicting the storm to come ashore somewhere along the North Carolina coast midday Thursday. Sustained major hurricane-force winds (greater than 110 miles per hour) are being... Read more
The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service California Field Office released the annual crop estimate for California walnuts, predicting the 2018 annual yield to be 690,000 tons.   The 2018 estimate is 10 percent higher than the 2017 crop and is slightly higher than the 2016 crop of 689,000 tons. According to California Walnut Commission Chairman... Read more
California pears ripe for fall promotions
With supplies more plentiful than originally anticipated and ongoing harvest of multiple varieties, the California pear industry is perfectly positioned for fall and farm-to-fork promotional opportunities. “California Bartlett pear volume is coming in over 15 percent higher than the pre-season crop estimate,” said Chris Zanobini, executive director... Read more
Cooler temperatures mark the start of Calif. pumpkin season
As temperatures dip into the 80s and the aroma of pumpkin spice fills the air, the fall season is upon us. Halloween is turning into Christmas. You can now find pumpkins and fall harvest décor items in stores before Labor Day, when traditionally, retailers would wait until after the last summer holiday of the year. “Every year is different, you never know when... Read more
Northwest pears bounce back from last year's small crop
Northwest pear growers released their latest crop estimate for the 2018-19 season. Based on data reported from Washington's Wenatchee and Yakima districts and Oregon's mid-Columbia and Medford districts, this year will be the fourth-largest crop in history. While the initial season estimate came in at 18.9 million standard box equivalents, or approximately 415,000... Read more
Cold weather could slow Washington cherry harvest
Extreme heat is coming to the desert southwest next weekend starting Thursday, July 5. Highs will jump from 107-108 they are experiencing now up to 114-116 through the weekend of July 7. These high temps will be felt from regions of Maricopa County around Phoenix, AZ, down through Yuma to Imperial Valley in California and up to the Coachella Valley. Minimum temps... Read more
Cold weather to cool tomato, Bell pepper and cuke production
As we move into summer many growing regions are in full production across the country with more coming on every week. California is going strong in all areas. The desert regions are still pumping out melons and grapes. Today the deserts will begin a mini four-day heat wave with highs today and tomorrow reaching 112 and 116 on Friday. Monday and Tuesday will... Read more
Rain on the way, but Hurricane Bud weakening
Off the coast of western Mexico Hurricane Bud is making its way slowly north and should make landfall at Cabo San Lucas late Thursday night. By the time it hits land Bud is expected to officially be a Tropical Storm. Once coming on land it will move up through La Paz, Baja California Sur, cross the sea of Cortez and by Friday morning move up through the state... Read more
Southwest starting to heat up again
Another blast of heat is coming to the Southwest starting next Tuesday. Coachella Valley and western Arizona will see highs this week around 105 with minimums in the mid-70s. Starting next Tuesday expect the temps to jump five or six degrees with highs reaching 114 next Wednesday and Thursday. The record for June 13 in Coachella Valley is 115 back in 1979. Minimum... Read more
Southwest headed for heatwave, relief on the way for grape and Bell pepper markets
A major heatwave is coming to the Southwest this weekend and will continue into next week. This week temps in the California and Arizona deserts as well as the northern Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California have been hovering around 100 for a high and 70 for a minimum. Starting tomorrow the temps will jump dramatically, with highs reaching 113 on... Read more
No end in sight for Southeast rain
Rain continues in Florida with no end in sight. Yesterday saw heavy rains in the Palmetto/Ruskin area where they are harvesting spring tomatoes. The total was close to 1.5 inches. Florida is expecting a respite today, but starting tomorrow through Wednesday of next week there is a 50 to 90 percent chance of rain every day with totals of more than three inches... Read more
Unseasonable Florida rains affecting harvests
Unseasonable rains continue in the Sunshine and Peach states. Up and down the state of Florida and throughout Georgia there are high probabilities of rain for the next 10 days, with daily totals of 0.25 inches to an inch. This type of daily rain usually doesn’t arrive until sometime in June. Look for harvests to be affected and a potential spike in pricing across... Read more
Record heat, an early rainy season and peachy keen blues
Depending on which city in the Coachella Valley you follow for weather info there is record-tying heat this week going back almost 80 years. Today, tomorrow and Thursday will see a high temp of 107. The last time it was this hot on May 8 you have to go back to 1941; the hottest day on record for May 9 was 108 back 2001, and the for May 10 it was 109 in 1934.... Read more
At least one heat wave is coming to a close
While heat waves persist in many growing areas, Leamington, ON, is beginning to cool off. Right now lettuces and veg out of Salinas and Watsonville, CA, are looking good on volumes and quality; and Georgia has a great mix of blueberries, beans, broccoli, carrots, cukes and squash. Light volumes of Coachella Valley watermelons and grapes are... Read more
Heat waves hitting western U.S., eastern Canada
A cold front will make its way through California today, but temps will be back to normal tomorrow and later this week we will see the start of a heat wave in California's desert regions and the Central Valley. The Coachella Valley will see highs in the 100s starting Friday with a peak high of 107 on Sunday, May 6. Yuma, AZ, will have a peak high of 105 on Sunday.... Read more
Freeze takes a bite out of cherry crop
The February freezes in California's San Joaquin Valley brought temps down to the 20s, and now they bring the estimate down for this season's crop of cherries. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is predicting the Central Valley crop will come in at 3.9 million compared to an original estimate of 9.5 million pounds -- about 40 percent of what was... Read more
Broccoli, lettuce and berry volume ready to ramp up
Salinas and Santa Maria, CA, should have excellent weather for the next 10 days. Volume of broccoli, lettuces and berries should begin to ramp up. The anticipated heat out west will start tomorrow, with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above normal. Highs in the San Joaquin Valley will be in the mid-80s all next week with deserts in the high 90s. Monday will be... Read more
Western veggies, melons on the way, but where are the blueberries?
The heat wave coming to the desert southwest and the San Joaquin Valley this weekend will last through the end of next week at least. High temps will start Saturday. The Coachella Valley, Imperial Valley and western Arizona will see highs in the low 100s -- about 20 degrees higher than average for this time of year -- and minimums in the high 60s. Next week... Read more