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Sunflower season kicks off

While spring often makes consumers think of tulips and iris, it is also when sunflower production returns after a winter break. Sunflowers hold a firm spot in the top 10 of floral sales by variety nationwide; somewhere between six and 10, depending on your data.

BILL-PRESCOTTBill PrescottSunflowers are native to the United States, and they are the state flower of Kansas. They are one of the most amazing species of flower, grown around the world predominantly for their seeds and oil.

The current record for the tallest sunflower ever grown belongs to Hans-Peter Schiffer of Karst in Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany. In 2015, he grew a sunflower over 30 feet tall according to the Guinness Book of World Records. How did he ever find a vase for that beauty?

A sunflower’s charm lies in its accessibility and availability. A classic at any farmers market, you needn’t have attended the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam to make a vase full look stunning. A standard, 5-stem consumer bunch is plenty to brighten up a home or office and you will be amazed how people stop, smile and say, “Sunflowers are my favorite.”

Sunflowers have always held a special place in peoples’ hearts, from Van Gogh and Monet, to Diego Rivera and Georgia O’Keeffe; sunflowers capture the imagination and bring a simple, uncomplicated delight.

Even the quintessential beatnik and flower-power hippie Allen Ginsburg said, “We’re all golden sunflowers inside.”

So, now is the time to bring golden sunflowers inside your floral department.

Bill Prescott is the marketing communications specialist at the Sun Valley Group in Arcata, CA. He can be contacted at