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No one is immune, but anyone can be different

As the “Harvey Weinstein Effect” sweeps across the United States, there have been numerous daily revelations concerning sexual misconduct in the workplace. The floral industry will no doubt be impacted by this phenomenon in the New Year as the nation experiences a groundswell of demand for widespread cultural change. And as change management professional Kellee O’Reilly pointed out in her open letter to the green industry, “No, we are not immune … but I believe we can be different.”

If your company hasn’t already done so, please make it a priority to create a workplace free from sexual harassment and provide a safe, respectful work environment for everyone. And not just in the interest of your legal liability — but because it’s simply the right thing to do. This is our annual outlook edition and several guest columnists provide their 2018 floral industry perspectives and trend forecasts — Nick Fronduto covers hardgoods; René van Rems discusses design trends; Cindy Rapshus reports on the retail sector; and Kelvin Frye addresses containers.

In addition, Becky Roberts from PMA, Kate Penn from SAF, Christine Boldt from AFIF, and Kasey Cronquist from CCFC and American Grown Flowers present their outlooks for each of their associations. So as we begin this New Year, remember that although you and your business are not immune, you can be different.

See you next month.

Richard Lutes is the floral editor and floral sales manager of The Produce News. He can be contacted at 763/595-9559 or